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LibFredo6    v9.5k

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Overview of LibFredo6

LibFredo6 is a shared plugin library used by most of my extensions. LibFredo6 takes care, among others, of enriching my extensions with a few capabilities such as default parameters, language translation, Check Plugins for Update, Trace logging, etc.

It is NOT a standalone plugin. It must be installed once for all my extensions and updated as needed when new versions are published.

Extensions currently using LibFredo6 are:
FredoCorner FredoScale RoundCorner JointPushPull Interactive FredoGhost FredoPortrait FredoGuides Curviloft Tools On Surface FredoTools TopoShaper Curvizard VisuHole Souvenir Animator SUClock GhostComp HoverSelect

  • Sketchup versions: 6 and above (Free, Make and Pro) - certified for SU2017 and SU2018
  • Platform: Windows and Mac OSX
  • Language: English, French, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Chinese, + partial Italian, Japanese, Korean, German (thanks to all kind translators). Thanks to Christophe Plassais for the French user manual. Thanks to guanjin for the Chinese user manual.
  • Menus: by default, it is installed in Window > LibFredo6 Settings…
  • Icon toolbar: NO Toolbar

Discussion forum

Links to Sketchucation Forum: Main Post   Latest Release

Installation of LibFredo6

LibFredo6 is released as a regular RBZ extension file on the Sketchucation Site.

 Method 1: Download RBZ file and install via the Sketchup Extension Manager 
To download the RBZ file, use the red button on the right side of this page:

  •  Download  If your are already logged in.
  •  Log in to get it!  otherwise, in order to log in or to register to Sketchucation as a new member (this is FREE). You will then be able to download the RBZ file.

The installation of the RBZ file is done from within Sketchup via the Sketchup Extension Manager
      - for Sketchup versions <= 2016 - menu Windows > Preferences > Extensions
      - for Sketchup 2017 and above - menu Windows > Extension Manager.

If you are not familiar with the installation of Sketchup extensions and Sketchucation, it is advised to watch the video LibFredo6 installation at the top of this page.

 Method 2: Auto-install in ONE CLICK via the Sketchucation ExtensionStore 

IMPORTANT: Whatever way you choose, you MUST quit and restart Sketchup to get LibFredo6 properly loaded.

After the installation, you should have the following footprint in the Sketchup Plugins directory, that is, one folder and one .rb file

As a reminder, here are the standard Sketchup Plugins root directory on Windows and OSX:
  • Windows SU8: C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins
  • Windows SU2013: C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013/Plugins
  • Windows SU2014: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins
  • Windows SU2015 and above: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015 \SketchUp\Plugins
  • Mac SU8: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 8/SketchUp/Plugins
  • Mac SU2013: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2013/SketchUp/Plugins
  • Mac SU2014: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins
  • Mac SU2015 and above: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015 /SketchUp/Plugins

NEVER rename files or move them out of their folders.

LibFredo6 can be installed in an alternate plugins directory, not just the Sketchup standard directory. Always make sure that my other plugins (like Fredo_RoundCorner) are located in the SAME folder as LibFredo6.

Permission to use this software for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted

Distribution of this software for any purpose is subject to:

  - the expressed, written consent of the author

  - the inclusion of the present copyright notice in all copies.

Page under construction

Menu for LibFredo6

LibFredo6 does not have a Toolbar but installs a submenu LibFredo6 Settings… in the Window menu of Sketchup. It contains a command to specify the language preferences, as well as several utilities for plugin information and maintenance. You can also set a few default parameters (inference colors) and access the documentation (as a PDF).

Support of High-resolution screens

With high resolutions screens (double dpi), the button palette used in some of my plugins displays in very small fonts. There is no native support yet from Sketchup for high resolution screens.

As of LibFredo6 v7.7a (9 Jul 17), there is a first attempt to support high-resolution screens. Basically, the button palettes, progressions bars, the text font, the line thickness and the dimension of some visual marks are grown by the factor of resolution.

  • Sketchup < 2016: Font size cannot be changed and characters may thus still appear small
  • Sketchup 2016: you have to set up manually the scale factor (usually 2), because it cannot be detected by the API.
  • Sketchup >= 2017: the configuration is automatic. Still you can disable the option.

The settings are in the LibFredo6 Default Parameters:

This support should apply to all my plugins using LibFredo6 (except HoverSelect). For Animator, you MUST upgrade to Animator 1.7 or above. However, there may be changes required in each individual plugin, which will be rolled out progressively.

Please report all issues and suggestions in the following thread on the Sketchucation forum

Check Plugins for Update

This feature allows to check the version of my plugins installed on your device.


The documentation is a little bit outdated, but gives you an idea of some of the features of LibFredo6.
LibFredo6 User Manual - English - v5.2.pdf

Note: If you drop the PDF doc files into the Plugins directory, you can access them from within Sketchup via the menu Windows > LibFredo6 Settings... > Documentation...

Links to Sketchucation Forum: Main Post   Latest Release

Release History

LibFredo6 9.5k – 14 Mar 20: Fix a problem related to some configurations of MacOS Catalina (case sensitivity)

LibFredo6 9.5j – 25 Feb 20: bug fixing (model with no attributes, additional)

LibFredo6 9.5i – 25 Feb 20: bug fixing (model with no attributes)

LibFredo6 9.5h – 13 Feb 20: For Animator (Bezier)

LibFredo6 9.5g – 09 Feb 20: For Animator and MoveAlong (OriginTargetPicker)

LibFredo6 9.5f – 08 Feb 20: For VisuHole (axis for capturing stencils from container)

LibFredo6 9.5e – 05 Feb 20: For FredoTools:ReportLabelArea (object material) and openURL on Mac

LibFredo6 9.5d – 03 Feb 20: Major bug fixing affecting Curvizard (some tools did not generate Sketchup curves)

LibFredo6 9.5c – 10 Jan 20: Major bug fixing affecting Curvizard

LibFredo6 9.5b – 08 Jan 20: Bug fixing and adjustments (AppData)

LibFredo6 9.5a – 23 Dec 19: For FredoGuides v1.1a and bug fixing

LibFredo6 9.4b – 25 Nov 19: For FredoPortrait v2.0b (Screenshot) and FredoTools::ColorPaint

LibFredo6 9.4a – 18 Nov 19: For FredoPortrait v2.0a (Screenshot) and FredoTools v3.8a

LibFredo6 9.3a – 02 Nov 19: For FredoTools v3.7a for changes in ReportLabelArea, ColorPaint and ColorByAltitude

LibFredo6 9.2a – 16 Oct 19: For FredoTools v3.6a with introduction of ColorPaint and ColorByAltitude

LibFredo6 9.1b – 28 Jul 19: For Souvenir 1.8d (custom directory for SU Tasks) and Animator (timeout VRAY)

LibFredo6 9.1a – 20 Jul 19: For FredoPortrait v1.2a and bug fixing

LibFredo6 9.0a – 23 Jun 19: For FredoPortrait v1.1a and bug fixing

LibFredo6 8.9b – 06 Jun 19: Fixes a potential bug in the Registry

LibFredo6 8.9a – 06 Jun 19: Fixes various bugs and needed for FredoGhost 1.2a

LibFredo6 8.8a – 24 Feb 19: Fixes various bugs and needed for Curvizard v2.4a

LibFredo6 8.7m – 15 Feb 19: Fixes various bugs and aligns reference of release

LibFredo6 8.7j – 14 Jan 19: Fix various bugs and accuracy of hand cursor in button palettes

LibFredo6 8.7f – 10 Jan 19: Fix of a bug preventing new versions of FFmpeg to work with Animator

LibFredo6 8.7e – 01 Jan 19: Fix of a bug preventing some dialog boxes to display

LibFredo6 8.7d – 20 Dec 18: Fix of a major bug preventing dialog boxes to display on MAC

LibFredo6 8.7a – 18 Dec 18: Adjustments for various plugins

LibFredo6 8.6p – 05 Dec 18: Fixes a bug in Animator (Path manager)

LibFredo6 8.6n – 05 Dec 18: Fixes problems in Orbiting (Zoom Void)

LibFredo6 8.6m – 18 Nov 18: For Animator 2.3c (transparent background) and size of toolbar icons for hi-res screens

LibFredo6 8.6k – 03 Nov 18: New doc for FFmpeg installation on Mac

LibFredo6 8.6j – 30 Oct 18: Bug fixing and small GUI adjustments (toolbar icon size in high DPI)

LibFredo6 8.6i – 21 Oct 18: Release for FredoTools 3.3a (Bug Fixing)

LibFredo6 8.6h – 15 Oct 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.2b (Radius mode)

LibFredo6 8.6g – 27 Sep 18: Release for bug fixing and full Chinese translation (guanjin)

LibFredo6 8.6f – 23 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1e (variator and bug fixing)

LibFredo6 8.6e – 19 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1d (zoom) - Full Spanish translation by Oxer

LibFredo6 8.6d – 11 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1c - Full French translation + partial Chinese

LibFredo6 8.6c – 08 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1b - Orbiting on Mac (clean)

LibFredo6 8.6b – 07 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1a - Orbiting on Mac

LibFredo6 8.6a – 06 Sep 18: Release for FredoCorner 1.1a

LibFredo6 8.5h – 27 Aug 18: Compatibility SU8 and SU2013

LibFredo6 8.5f – 14 Aug 18: Longer time out for Vray rendering

LibFredo6 8.5c – 31 Jul 18: Fix for non-ascii Windows username

LibFredo6 8.5b – 14 Jul 18: For Animator 2.2b (full screen) and bug fixing

LibFredo6 8.5a – 13 Jul 18: For Animator 2.2 and bug fixing

LibFredo6 8.4g – 10 Jun 18: Fix a bug in Animator video generation (ffmpeg location)

LibFredo6 8.4f – 29 May 18: Fix a bug in Animator video generation (ffmpeg)

LibFredo6 8.4e – 28 May 18: Fix in text selection for some web dialogs

LibFredo6 8.4d – 21 May 18: Fix in Check for Update popup (UpgradeWarning)

LibFredo6 8.4c – 21 May 18: Correction over v8.4b

LibFredo6 8.4b – 21 May 18: Update release for Animator 2.1 (Apparition with boundary planes)

LibFredo6 8.4a – 20 May 18: Major release for Animator 2.1

LibFredo6 8.3a – 07 May 18: Major release for Animator 2.0

LibFredo6 8.1h – 06 Apr 18: Scaling for flat faces in Animator (Quad boxes in G6)

LibFredo6 8.1g – 01 Apr 18: Non-ascii Windows username (encode to force_encoding)

LibFredo6 8.1f – 19 Mar 18: Adjustments for Animator (scaling) and TopoShaper (large models)

LibFredo6 8.1e – 13 Mar 18: Bug fixing for non-ascii username (encode and force_encoding)

LibFredo6 8.1d – 04 Mar 18: Bug fixing - bugsplats in Curviloft

LibFredo6 8.1c – 27 Feb 18: Bug fixing for Curviloft, JointPushPull and FredoTools

LibFredo6 8.1b – 25 Feb 18: Fix for vector icons on Mac

LibFredo6 8.1a – 23 Feb 18: maintenance release

LibFredo6 8.0c – 10 Dec 17: release for integration of VRay 3.6 in Animator

LibFredo6 8.0b – 19 Nov 17: release for Animator 1.8b (camera circular interpolation)

LibFredo6 8.0a – 12 Nov 17: release for JointPushPull 4.2a (shading) and Souvenir 1.5a (Favorites)

LibFredo6 7.9a – 02 Nov 17: release for Animator 1.8a (performance improvement)

LibFredo6 7.8d – 01 Nov 17: Fxes for 'hang on exit' issues on MacOS (due to Web dialogs)

LibFredo6 7.8a – 04 Oct 17: release for JointPushPull 4.0

LibFredo6 7.7g – 04 Oct 17: fix problems of loading for OSX High Sierra

LibFredo6 7.7f – 01 Oct 17: fix problems of loading for OSX High Sierra

LibFredo6 7.7e – 19 Sep 17: bug fixing over 7.7d which introduced a bug affecting TopoShaper

LibFredo6 7.7d – 13 Sep 17: bug fixing (in Cross draw) that may affect Animator and some FredoTools plugins

LibFredo6 7.7c – 16 Aug 17: Minor release for support of Hi-resolution screens and implementation of VRay in Animator

LibFredo6 7.7a – 09 Jul 17: Major release for support of Hi-resolution screens, for FredoTools 3.1 and for Animator 1.7

LibFredo6 7.6a – 25 May 17: Major release for Animator 1.6

LibFredo6 7.5b – 13 Feb 17: Fixes in Quick Launchers

LibFredo6 7.5a – 12 Feb 17: Release for Animator 1.5a + cosmetic changes and bug fixing

LibFredo6 7.4c – 16 Jan 17: corrections and support SUClock

LibFredo6 7.4a – 14 Jan 17: Bug fixes and small evolutions

LibFredo6 7.3b – 02 Jan 17: Release re-fixing major bugs in FredoScale for SU2017

LibFredo6 7.3a – 24 Dec 16: Release fixing major bugs in FredoScale for SU2017

LibFredo6 7.2h – 24 Nov 16: Release fixing major bugs in Animator

LibFredo6 7.2g – 20 Nov 16: Release fixing major bugs in Animator (Orbiting and Screw)

LibFredo6 7.2e – 15 Nov 16: Release fixing some issues signalled, impacting Curvizard and Curviloft (due to a bug in G6)

LibFredo6 7.2d – 31 Oct 16: Release fixing major issues preventing proper load of LibFredo6 for SU versions < 2014

LibFredo6 7.2a – 20 Oct 16: Release for Animator

LibFredo6 6.9b – 13 Nov 15: Maintenance release

LibFredo6 6.8c – 16 Jul 15: Fix a blocking bug in FredoTools::Convexify

LibFredo6 6.8b – 09 Jul 15: Major release for RoundCorner 3.0 and FredoTools 2.8 (ReportLabelArea and SolidVoume)

LibFredo6 6.7c – 23 Mar 15: remove noisy traces at startup of Sketchup (second trial)

LibFredo6 6.7b – 22 Mar 15: remove noisy traces at startup of Sketchup

LibFredo6 6.7a – 25 Feb 15: major release for FredoTools::AutoReverseFaces and FredoTools::Convexify in FredoTools 2.6

LibFredo6 6.6b – 18 Jan 15: Some bug fixing in some FredoTools plugins

LibFredo6 6.6a – 10 Jan 15: Release for FredoTools::ElementStats 1.0a (Statistics about entities in the model)

LibFredo6 6.5a – 30 Dec 14: Release for TopoShaper 2.0 (Terrain from Cloud of Points)

LibFredo6 6.4a – 17 Nov 14: Release for AngleInspector, part of FredoTools v2.4

LibFredo6 6.3a – 19 Oct 14: Release for support of non-ascci usernames in SU14

LibFredo6 6.2a – 12 Oct 14: Release for EdgeInspector 1.2 and various fixes, including installation with non-ascii usernames

LibFredo6 6.1b – 22 Sep 14: Republishing due to a possible issue with encoding of main rb file

LibFredo6 6.1a – 21 Sep 14: Release for VisuHole 1.0

LibFredo6 6.0b – 16 Jul 14: Release for the support of Section Planes in MoveAlong 1.2 and DrawAlong 1.1.

LibFredo6 6.0a – 18 Jun 14: Release for FredoTools 2.0a with MoveAlong 1.2 and DrawAlong 1.1, with fixes and new functions

LibFredo6 5.9b – 17 May 14: Release for FredoTools 1.9a with MoveAlong 1.1 and DrawAlong 1.0, with a fix for input of architectural units in VCB

LibFredo6 5.9a – 15 May 14: Release for FredoTools 1.9a with MoveAlong 1.1 and DrawAlong 1.0.

LibFredo6 5.8c – 17 Apr 14: Release for FredoTools 1.8c and MoveAlong 1.0c.

LibFredo6 5.7a – 15 Feb 14: Release for FredoTools 1.7 and EdgeInspector 1.1a.

LibFredo6 5.6a – 03 Feb 14: Release Curvizard 1.6 and other bug fixing.

LibFredo6 5.5g – 24 Jan 14: Release mainly for EdgeInspector 1.0 .

LibFredo6 5.4b – 08 Nov 13: Release mainly for TopoShaper 1.1 (for Altitude Editor) and future Sketchup compatibility - with some bug fixing.

LibFredo6 5.3h – 29 Oct 13: Release mainly for JointPushPull 3.0 - Interactive Edition and future Sketchup compatibility - with some bug fixing.

LibFredo6 5.3g – 27 Oct 13: Release mainly for JointPushPull 3.0 - Interactive Edition and future Sketchup compatibility

LibFredo6 5.2a – 30 Aug 13: Same as 5.1 but implements a change of name for the top file (Fredo6_!LibFredo6.rb instead of LibFredo6.rb).

LibFredo6 5.1c – 22 Aug 13: Same as 5.1a but fixes a wrong publishing of 5.1b

LibFredo6 5.1b – 22 Aug 13: Same as 5.1a but fixes a bug preventing Check For Update to display

LibFredo6 5.1a – 22 Aug 13: Release introducing a new naming convention for files and folders (again), to comply with the Extension Warehouse.

LibFredo6 5.0c – 06 Jul 13: Major release introducing a new naming convention for files and folders.

LibFredo6 4.9c – 20 May 13: Technical release still related to issues on Mac platforms.

LibFredo6 4.9b – 19 May 13: Technical release related to issues on Mac platforms.

LibFredo6 4.9a – 18 May 13: Release for Curvizard 1.2 with various fixes.

LibFredo6 4.8a – 25 Apr 13: Release for TopoShaper.

LibFredo6 4.7c – 09 Apr 13: Minor update related to a bug in Sketchup versioning.

LibFredo6 4.7a – 03 Oct 12: Release for Curvizard 1.1

LibFredo6 4.6e – 03 Oct 12: Minor release to fix a problem in Check for Updates, due to change of URL scheme of the new Sketchucation web site. Version 4.6d had a problem.

LibFredo6 4.6d – 03 Oct 12: Minor release to fix a problem in Check for Updates, due to change of URL scheme of the new Sketchucation web site.

LibFredo6 4.6c – 11 Jul 12: Major release for Curvizard

LibFredo6 4.5a – 08 May 12:
• Update for ThruPaint 1.2 to support some evolutions.
• Additional features for the Free Rotate tool of FredoScale

LibFredo6 4.4m – 14 Apr 12: Small update for ThruPaint adjustments. Integration of the Chinese (thanks to guanjin) and two Spanish translations (thanks to Defisto and Oxer)

LibFredo6 4.4j – 11 Apr 12: Release for ThruPaint

LibFredo6 4.3c – 31 Jan 12: fixed a small issue with environment variables not properly set on some Mac configuration.

LibFredo6 4.3b – 22 Dec 11: fixed a bug in the display of numeric buttons in Palettes (invisible in Curviloft) and added the updated Spanish translation (many thanks to Defisto).

LibFredo6 4.3a – 19 Dec 11: This release is necessary for FredoTools 1.0.

LibFredo6 4.2a – 16 Sep 11: This release finally addresses the issues of security with Webdialogs on Safari 5.0.6 and higher, as well as a few other bug fixing.

LibFredo6 4.1a – 11 Sep 11: This release was supposed to solve the issues with Webdialogs on Safari 5.0.6 and higher, but did not really.

LibFredo6 4.0a – 23 Aug 11: major technical release. LibFredo6 is responsible for the loading of my plugins (no more use of ZLoader__xx.rb files). This should minimize errors at installation. Version 4.0 also includes some utilities for plugin maintenance (Purge obsolete files, performance at load time, trace logging)

LibFredo6 3.7c – 07 Jun 11: minor maintenance release (issues in Check for Update). It also includes an update to Italian translation by COSEDIMARCO and Spanish translation by Defisto

LibFredo6 3.7b – 22 Apr 11: This includes a small fix to avoid double loading of LibFredo6 in all situations

LibFredo6 3.7a – 17 Apr 11: This release includes the Check Plugins for Update feature, as well as some fixes in the Web dialogs. It is also required for SUClock 1.1

LibFredo6 3.6b – 13 Jan 11: This release is mainly to support Curviloft 1.1 and fix a few issues with SU8. It also includes the support of a two-phase loading mechanism for some of my scripts. Note: if you downloaded 3.6a, please upgrade to 3.6b or higher because there was a small bug in the Skinning for Curviloft.

LibFredo6 3.4c – 06 May 10: Stable version