How to go from SketchUp to Unity using PBR materials

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beginner tips for sketchup

Back on the PBR to Unity 5.6 pipeline and workflow for SketchUp. In this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • How to build and quickly UV map in SketchUp for Unity
  • How materials PBR work in Unity
  • How to create your own PBR textures and materials from pictures you take on your phone or files you find online

Scripting a Christmas Card with Ruby

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Ruby, the scripting language that is built into SketchUp is a bit of a mystery for many SketchUp users. They know it is there and that plugins wouldn’t work without it but they don’t know what else they could do with it. As it turns out, Ruby can not only be used to write plugins but also to make beautiful designs – especially those types of designs that can’t be modeled using any other tool in SketchUp. A good example is geometry that is created using a mathematical formula.

The Dennis Technique

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Dennis TechniqueHere is a quick and effective method of creating an artistic image from your SketchUp model. It was originally posted way back in 2005 on the original SketchUp forum.

In short, you will export 2 images from your SketchUp Scene: a) Hidden Line Black/White image and b) textured one with shadows. Bring them together in Photoshop and then erase a hole in the Hidden Line layer with the colored textures showing through.
The whole procedure can take as little as 5 minutes.