Easy 2D Billboards in SketchUp using Fredo Portrait

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Easy 2D Billboards in SketchUp using Fredo Portrait

If you did not already know Fredo Portrait is a powerful extension that allows you to create and manage cameras, update and create scenes, export to various file formats and much more.

But an often overlooked feature of Fredo Portrait is the ability to create 2D Face Me components with crisp external silhouetting for accurate shadows.

Want to learn how to do it?

1-Click Renderings with AmbientOcclusion

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Ambient Occlusion base render in SketchUp

Creating compelling images in SketchUp using the latest AmbientOcclusion extension for SketchUp. One-click rendering or delve deeper for realism.

If you are new to rendering in SketchUp or need a tool that integrates with SketchUp and is quick and easy then give it a try!

Download Trial

Complete Guide to the Tape Measure Tool in Sketchup

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tape measure tips for sketchup

In this tutorial you will learn the all the secrets to using SketchUp's Tape Measure tool. What it can and cannot do. How to speed up measuring objects in SketchUp and how to easily create guides for accurate modelling.

So if you want to learn more about creating infinite guides and how to properly create points in SketchUp this is the complete guide for you.

How to go from SketchUp to Unity using PBR materials

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beginner tips for sketchup

Back on the PBR to Unity 5.6 pipeline and workflow for SketchUp. In this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • How to build and quickly UV map in SketchUp for Unity
  • How materials PBR work in Unity
  • How to create your own PBR textures and materials from pictures you take on your phone or files you find online

6 Things Beginners with SketchUp Must Know

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beginner tips for sketchup

In this tutorial we will look at the top items all beginners with SketchUp need to know when starting out with SketchUp. These are tried and tested approaches that proficient SketchUp users have expressed over the years. Getting to grips with SketchUp is easy but super charging your learning is requires commitment.

With these 6 top tips you will fast track your way to becoming a SketchUp ninja!

How to texture an Arch in SketchUp using ThruPaint

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arch texturing in SketchUp

In this tutorial you will learn to use Fredo's ThruPaint to texture an arch using it's QuadMesh UV feature. This technique is particularly useful for Architectural models that require you to reflect the real world construction using only a texture.

How to use Drop Vertices in SketchUp

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In this tutorial you will use to use TIG's Drop Vertices extension in SketchUp. Perfect if you need to manipulate terrain borders or align edges to objects in SketchUp

Download Drop Vertices

How to model a Gyroid in SketchUp

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SketchUp modelling mastermind Eric Lay shows off a great technique to quickly model a gyroid in SketchUp. Eric also shared the SketchUp file with the steps to modelling included in an easy to follow scene-based file.

Creating Realistic Lawns in SketchUp with Skatter

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Using CutNFill for SketchUp

In this tutorial you will be introduced to using Skatter to create realistic lawns in SketchUp. Skatter is a new particle extension for SketchUp that is packed with powerful features that make populating surfaces with objects a simple task.

For this tutorial we will use our own North American Grass Pack and some perennial weeds to add some realistic variation and appearance. Time to get skattering!

Using CutNfill in SketchUp

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Using CutNFill for SketchUp

Ever need to calculate how much fill you need to level a site? Luckily TIG has a tool that does just that. CutNfill is a commercial tool that, for only $20, that makes extracting and calculating site fill incredibly easy.

In this tutorial we will take a terrain, add detail, level the build area and extract the info using the CutNfill extension for SketchUp.

Download CutNfill


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