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SUClock    v3.0a

  • Overview
  • Quick Start
  • Documentation
  • Release Notes

Overview of SUClock

  • Sketchup version: SU2017 and above
  • Platform: Windows and Mac OSX
  • LibFredo6: v10.4b or above
  • Usage: Free

SUClock helps you to track the effective time spent in Sketchup. The concept of effective time is based on the activity recorded within a certain duration, called idle time, which is a kind of ‘time to think’ (or the time to have a coffee).

Time is tracked in a Project, which can group several .skp models. A Project is simply materialized by a file with extension .suclock to which you attach your models.

SUClock optionally displays a small clock showing the effective time spent in the project which your models are attached to.

It also includes some statistics about where the time was spent (by models, by tools, by dates) which can be printed or exported in CSV.

You can also set alarms when the time spent on the project reaches a certain ratio of a target duration.

Discussion forum

Links to Sketchucation Forum: Main Post Latest Release

Installation of SUClock

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have first installed LibFredo6 v7.6 or above.

SUClock is released as a regular RBZ extension file on the Sketchucation Site.

To download the RBZ file, use the red button on the right side of this page:

  • Download If your are already logged in.
  • Log in to get it! otherwise, in order to log in or to register to Sketchucation as a new user (this is FREE). Then you will be able to download the RBZ file.

Then, you can install the RBZ file from within Sketchup, via the Sketchup Extension Manager

If you are not familiar with the installation of Sketchup extensions and Sketchucation, it is advised to watch the video LibFredo6 installation.

IMPORTANT: Whatever way you choose, you MUST quit and restart Sketchup to get SUClock (and LibFredo6) properly loaded.

After the installation, you should have the following footprint in the Sketchup Plugins directory:

  • Sketchup versions: SU2017 and above (Free, Make and Pro) - certified for SU2020
  • Platform: Windows and Mac OSX
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, Italian (thanks to the kind translators)
  • Menus: by default, it is installed in Tools > Fredo6 Collection > SUClock…
  • Icon toolbar: Usually grouped with FredoTools toolbar with a single icon

Permission to use this software for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted

Distribution of this software for any purpose is subject to:

- the expressed, written consent of the author

- the inclusion of the present copyright notice in all copies.

Generic usage of SUClock

To Track time in a model, just click the small watch icon.

A dialog box will appear where you can attach the model to a newly created project or to an existing project.

for a New tracking project, you indicate the name and location of a .suclock file

for an Existing tracking project, you just select an existing .suclock file or one of the recent projects

Once your model is attached to a Project, you will see the Clock displayed

You can further access the parameters of the Tracking project by clicking on the small wrench icon of the visual clock, or on the SUClock toolbar icon.

From the dialog box which is displayed, you can change the idle time value, in minutes and you can access the statistics. You can also move the model to another project, reset the clock for the project. See documentation for details.


Here is the documentation, in English, updated for version 1.5.
SUClock - User Manual - English - v1.5 - 27 Nov 2013.pdf

Note: If you drop the PDF doc files into the Plugins directory, you can access them from within Sketchup via the menu Windows > Tools > Fredo6 Collection... > SUClock > Documentation...

Links to Sketchucation Forum: Main Post   Latest Release

SUClock 3.0a – 19 May 20: Bug fixing for appearance of the clock window and first version for SU2017+

SUClock 2.0a – 31 Oct 18: Bug fixing in dialogs

SUClock 1.9c – 12 Nov 17: Fixed bug in CSV export for non English languages. Added TSV export.

SUClock 1.9b – 30 Jan 17: Fixed bug on Mac

SUClock 1.9a – 16 Jan 17: Small refresh for cosmetic of dialog boxes

SUClock 1.8a – 13 Nov 15: Maintenance release

SUClock 1.7a – 20 Oct 14: Fix a major bug in display of clock introduced by LibFredo6 6.1.

SUClock 1.6a – 20 Oct 14: Release for non-ascii usernames

SUClock 1.5a – 27 Nov 13: Release for future Sketchup compatibility

SUClock 1.3a – 08 Oct 11: Technical release for compliance with OSX Lion and Safari 5.1

SUClock 1.2a – 03 Jun 11: several small functional enhancements

  • alarm to target
  • configuration of height of clock window (to avoid cropping)
  • possibility to configure for network sharing
  • Reset and import from other projects
  • More export format

SUClock 1.1b – 19 May 11: added an extra column with Excel formatted date for the CSV export of view by Day/Month.

SUClock 1.1a – 17 Apr 11: initial public release.