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About the Forums

The SketchUcation Community Forums were founded in May 2007 and is the leading resource for SketchUp support for both professional and hobbyist SketchUp users. With over 300,000 members and nearly 500,000 posts it is jam packed with solutions for just about any SketchUp query you might have.

About the Shop

The SketchUcation Shop is where top SketchUp Artists can sell and share models, textures, scrapbooks, tutorials and much more. Got something to sell? Get in touch!

Premium Members receive a 20% discount on all shop items plus tons of free SketchUp models, materials and styles to download.

Premium membership - with our new site, we introduced "Premium membership" for our members. This comes with tons of "Premium only" free content and discounted shop items, a free "Private consultation room" to discuss, troubleshoot and learn from experienced SketchUp users.

Plugins - our Plugins Index is currently a sticky forum topic in our Plugins Forum. It has been our long term wish to create a more usable and sortable Plugin Repository which will allow members and visitors alike to browse the extremely rich collection of plugins developed by our author contributors or external parties from all over the World. Keep an eye on this secion as we might surprise you with a new Plugins Index any time.

Tutorials - with the new site up and running, we decided to collect the best and most complete tutorials in our new Resources / Tutorials section. With many experienced and generous SketchUp users on-board, this section is an ever growing place where you can find a lot of useful tips and tricks.

  • There is still a "Tutorials " subforum we have where members also share some useful tips and tricks.


3Dconnexion Discount

SketchUcation is pleased to offer all of its members an exclusive offer* on 3Dconnexion products.
Buy a SpaceMouse® Pro, SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless or SpacePilot® Pro and receive a 20% discount on the selected items.
This offer does not apply to purchases made in 3Dconnexion's educational webshops.
This offer is limited to one discounted product per order.

It's a fantastic tool! Even when it's standing here on my desk it looks good. The SpaceMouse Pro has been a pleasure to work with from day one.

SpaceMouse Pro user and CG Artist, Kim Frederik

How to take advantage of this exclusive offer:

  • Visit your local 3Dconnexion Webstore using the links below
  • Add a qualifying product to the cart
  • Enter voucher code SKETCH20PROMO16 and press the “refresh” button next to the voucher code field.
  • Complete checkout as normal (with or without registering)

3Dconnexion Webstore Links

To take advantage of this exclusive offer click one of the links below:
United States Buy Now
United Kingdom Buy Now
France Buy Now
Germany Buy Now
Italy Buy Now
Spain Buy Now
Rest of Europe Buy Now

*This offer is fulfilled on the 3Dconnexion Webstore and are available in the US and Europe only at this time. The offer is not available on 3Dconnexion’s educational products.

If you have any questions about this offer, contact 3Dconnexion here.

What is a 3D Mouse?

A 3D Mouse is an input device for smoothly and intuitively positioning digital 3D content or camera views in SketchUp and more than 100 other architectural, design and engineering applications.

3d mouse at desktop

3Dconnexion offers products for occasional / hobbyist users right up to power users looking for the most sophisticated hardware available.

How do I use one?

The 3D Mouse is used in your non-dominant hand while you continue to use your standard mouse in your normal hand. You gently manipulate the 3D mouse’s controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D content. 3Dconnexion 3D Mice include buttons (up to 31 depending on the model), giving access to a wide range of useful features.

Why should I use one?

As the 3D Mouse takes care of 3D navigation, your standard mouse is free to do what it does best – moving the cursor to select menu items or parts of your model to draw and edit. Not only is this two-handed work style faster (21% on average), it’s more comfortable as you have to move and click the standard mouse a lot less.

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