SightSpace Pro is here!

SightSpace Pro

The new SightSpace Pro turns Apple and Android smartphones and tablets into a powerful machine that blends virtual designs with the real world. When combined with Google Cardboard, SightSpace yields an easy, affordable, and immersive Virtual Reality experience. Share designs securely using a SightSpace Share Code, annotate photos, bookmark favorite views, take photos, and more.

January 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Winners


Well done to the winners of January's 3Dconnexion Spacemouse raffle. Tomasz and LingeLang are proud owners of a SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and SpaceMouse Wireless respectively.

To be in with a chance to win this month just follow the link below to enter*. Raffle closes on the 28th February at 12pm GMT.

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*Raffle open to Premium Members only

New Subdivision Extension for SketchUp released

Thomas Thomassen, developer of Vertex Tools, has just released his latest creation - SUbD for SketchUp. This new tool heralds a new direction in topological modelling and organic forms in SketchUp. It makes use of the QuadFace convention to expose a better way to model forms in SketchUp.

To mark the release we have teamed up with Thomas to provide an exclusive 20% for our Premium Members. To find out more about SUbD and the discount read on.

SpaceMouse Winners December Announced

spacemouse winners december 2015

Well done to both lucky winners for December 2015 of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and SpaceMouse Wireless. VizGraphics will be the proud owner of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless and Sisu can look forward to owning the SpaceMouse Wireless.

If your New Year's Resolution is to be more productive in SketchUp then you need a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse in your arsenal! January's raffle is now open so click to enter* below.

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*Offer open to Premium Members only

24 hours left to win!

3dconnexion spacemouse raffle

Only 24 hours are left before we announce December's winners. Want to kick off the New Year with an awesome addition to your CAD workflow?

3Dconnexion are world leaders in providing killer hardware for design professionals. The SpaceMouse Pro and SpaceMouse are wireless wonders that supercharge your workflow in SketchUp

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Vectary - Ultimate 3D Tool

Vectary Ultimate 3D Tool

VECTARY, a young global startup announces its new cloud based 3D design tool, allowing people without experience to model complex shapes.

VECTARY helps makers, hobbyists and DIYers worldwide to model by offering them various ways to easily generate custom shapes in their browser. This new approach is based around parametric plugins for speeding up the design process and bringing ease of use to the masses. As of today, VECTARY opens up its tool to a limited number of early access signups, offering interested users a sneak peek preview into this new platform.

Chaos Group Launches V-Ray for Revit Public Beta

vray for revit public beta

Chaos Group announces the V-Ray for Revit Public Beta. High-performance rendering now integrated into architecture’s leading design platform.

Revit has been designed to fit seamlessly into production, providing powerful rendering with streamlined controls.

September SpaceMouse Winners

spacemouse winners

Congratulations to the winners of our monthly raffle. Burkard and John Warburton are the proud owners of a SpaceMouse Pro and SpaceMouse Wireless respectively.

To be in with a chance to win this month you can enter the raffle below.

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Revizto is Free!

One of our goals at Revizto is to have a tool that's affordable in the AEC industry. As of 30th of July a new licensing model be come into effect.

All existing Revizto Version 3 users will be converted to new plans and to their existing plans we will add more collaborators until the end of their paid period. For Revizto 2 users the Cloud will not be available from July 30th.

Free 3D Trees and Studio Styles for Premium Members

Free SketchUp Models and Styles

Need beautiful mature Chestnut Oak trees for a SketchUp project? We have 15 beautiful 3D trees that are free for Premium Members.

As an added bonus, we also have an Awesome Styles pack that makes product display in SketchUp a breeze!


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