sketchup vr and kubity

Our friends over at Kubity have a great video help you understand how to use the Kubity Exporter Extension to easily transport your files from SketchUp to Kubity and ultimately to Virtual Reality on the mobile app.

If you have yet to try Kubity for SketchUp you can download the SketchUp extension from our ExtensionStore for free and start uploading models in minutes.

Read on to watch the video....


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#1 MC1987 2016-07-27 19:04
Well that was odd. When he put it into VR it did not go into eye-level view as it would need to to be relevant. Humans don't float 100 feet in the air.
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#2 atyp1 2017-01-06 21:40
VR is completly useless. The VR glasses take the places on shelves in outlets. We need point cloud support!!!
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