Render Plus Rendering Tip - Speckled Lines at edges of walls.


Speckled Lines at edges of walls. This tutorial from Render Plus addresses this common problem many find when rendering room interiors.

Treasure Island Inside on Kickstarter!

joel e

Our Resident Movie Maker Joel Metzger has just relaunched a project on Kickstarter! I did not know about the first one which failed but I would like to help him get this new one off the ground.

You can read about the story so far here.

Unity 4.2 released

unity 4.2 released

If you are in the Game Developement arena and use SketchUp to create assets then Unity 4.2 will be a welcome addition to your arsenal. This latest release has a ton of new improvements to an already very strong toolset.

But Unity is not just geared around gaming it is a very competent visualization application that breathe life into an project.

Download Unity

AI-Powered Interactive 3D Models from your SketchUp files

Ambient Occlusion for SketchUp

Bring together clients, co-workers, and collaborators around interactive 3D models for better, faster design decisions in augmented and virtual reality.

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