Thomas Thomassen, developer of Vertex Tools, has just released his latest creation - SUbD for SketchUp. This new tool heralds a new direction in topological modelling and organic forms in SketchUp. It makes use of the QuadFace convention to expose a better way to model forms in SketchUp.

To mark the release we have teamed up with Thomas to provide an exclusive 20% for our Premium Members. To find out more about SUbD and the discount read on.

What is Subdivision?

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In short it is a shortcut to awesomeness. But the longer explanation is somewhat boring. Subdivision of 3D meshes uses an algorithm to create smooth forms from harsh geometry. This was already possible using Artisan for SketchUp but Thomas has supercharged this smoothing by exposing new tools and features.

The smoothing of the meshes is handled so you can step through various levels of subdivision adding more or less geometry. Because SUbD also adheres to the QuadFace convention this means textures, if UV mapped, will not skew or dirtort as you subdivide.

Edge Weighting or Creasing

Thomas has also added the ability to weight an edge in SketchUp. Adding weight to an edge gives you an infinite amount of control over the form. If you a familiar with Hard Surface Modeling then you might be aware or why Edge Weighting is a powerful tool in modeling organic forms.

In the example above you can see how easy it is to weight an edge adding more or less crease to that edge. Points(vertices) can be weighted too meaning the final form is accurately controlled.

Custom PushPull tool

To supplement the modelling process Thomas has rebuilt the default PushPull tool to support Quad based modelling in SketchUp.

This custom PushPull prevent n-gon creation when manipulating a mesh. Another winning feature of SUbD.

Where can I buy SUbD for SketchUp

As mentioned already we have an exclusive 20% discount for Premium Members at sketchUcation. To grab your discount simply vist this page and follow the instructions. For regular members you can purchase SUbD for directly at Thomas' site. At only $40 this is a great addition to SketchUp. Great to kick off this year's design time with such an awesome tool!

Buy SUbD for SketchUp

Look at what our good friend and moderator, Eric Lay, modelled using SUbD for SketchUp...


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