SketchFX 4.0 Released

SketchFX 4.0 introduces new features and improvements. From the new Style Transfer effect to Improved GUI there's lots to consider.

Looking to add fast visualization effects and animation to SketchUp?

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SketchFX for SketchUp introduces artistic rendering capabilities without the need for any learning curve. With a single click, you can generate stunning previews of your models, selecting from a diverse array of customizable presets such as watercolor, pencil, depth-of-field, motion-blur, and many others.

Fast Visualization Effects for SketchUp

Supported on both Windows and Mac:

  • A comprehensive collection of predefined custom rendering effects
  • Integration with AmbientOcclusion
  • Numerous filters to craft your own effects, including:
    • hue-saturation-value
    • brightness-contrast
    • gamma-exposure
    • blur
    • radial blur
    • bloom
    • fog
    • depth of field
    • vignette
    • artistic paint
    • image from file
    • scene
    • style
    • constant color
    • scene transition
    • masks

For the full breakdown on SketchFX Pro and SketchFX Ex you can find out more on the Fluid Interactive website


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