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SketchUcation has always taken pride in partnering with some of the most innovative companies serving SketchUp users. From 3D Connexion to Thea Render, we look to build relationships we feel that benefit the community as a whole and offer great product, service and value.

Today we are very proud to announce that Polantis is now part of the SketchUcation Sponsorship Program. Polantis are a leading provider of CAD and BIM content in Europe and have over 10,000 BIM objects available in their catalogue.

Want to know how you can gain access?

What this means for SketchUcation Members?

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As part of the mutual partnering, Polantis has recognised the sizeable design membership base at SketchUcation and given all our Premium Members free access to their Polantis+ subscription. That is ~€60/yr worth of membership for free if you are a Premium Member at SketchUcation. Polantis+ gives you instant access to the whole catalogue of 10,000 objects to be downloaded and used in SketchUp.

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With over 100 manufacturers already listed there is a treasure trove of models and textures available. With your help this can grow further. Polantis needs members in the design sector to play a role in growing the catalogue. The more members the larger the catalogue can grow. It is a real

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How to join Polantis for free?

Whilst Polantis offers a paid membership option it has a free subscription! Simply fill in their registration form and you can download a limited number of items per day. Regular SketchUcation members can enrol into the free Polantis account here.

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We are delighted to team up with such a innovative company like Polantis and be able to deliver not only great savings but great content too!


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Rich is SketchUcation's Managing Director and Certified SketchUp Trainer. He has a background in aviation technical training and is also the editor of CatchUp WebMag



#1 Wolfram 2014-11-25 16:40
This seems very good, we wich them luck und success!
But: the download never works... What's up?
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#2 Rich O Brien 2014-12-02 11:00
There was a glitch late last week but that was only momentary. It is now working as expected and delivering awesome objects to architects around the world!
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