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Our good friends down under, RubySketch, have released a series of videos showing new features coming to PlusSpec.

From 2D plans in minutes, steel structure and electrical layout, kitchen and furniture design and landscaping. This is a huge leap forward for time saving design in SketchUp.

With quantifying happening as you design it is proving that PlusSpec are leading the charge for making SketchUp the BIM tool architects, builders and designers have craved for years.

To see all the new features watch these 4 amazing videos for PlusSpec from it's Business Development Manager Andrew Dwight.

2D Plans in PlusSpec

Steel Structure and Electrical Layout in PlusSpec

Kitchen and Furniture Layout in PlusSpec

Landscaping and Site Safety in PlusSpec

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#1 Lemoyne Architect 2015-04-27 16:01
Two questions:

1) Obviously, this is intended for the Australian market. Is there any input on using it for other markets?
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#2 Lemoyne Architect 2015-04-27 16:04
2) Is the subscription like SketchUp’s - you can continue to use it after expiration? Or is it like Adobe’s - losing all access after expiration?
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