Geo-location feature for the ARmedia Player for iOS.


The Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies released today the Geo-location feature for the ARmedia Player for iOS. By means of the Augmented Reality Player for iOS v1.2.0 users can now choose geo-location as a visualization option for their projects. The Geo-location feature allows to use GPS coordinates to locate a 3D model/animation on the earth’s surface. The software then tracks the 3D model coordinates in the real space using a suitable sensor fusion technique. This makes it possible to display virtual models in the real world without any marker.

ProgeCAD - a Real AutoCADr DWG Alternative!


progeCAD 2011, the State of the Art of 2D/3D DWG and DXF CAD, is an easy AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® alternative! progeCAD 2011 Professional reads and writes AutoCAD® DWG format from v. 2.5 to 2012 Feel Safe and absolutely Legal (progeCAD owns Independent intellectual property rights)

Turning a 123D Catch file set into a Edward Hopper painting


Roger, one of our long term presentation experts here on SCF has started the development of what looks to be a totally unique method of presentation! His initial post of this morning showed the end results but he is now posting descriptions / shots on how he got there, so to speak. You can follow this interesting presentation process here.

New! pdf2cad v9.0 available now


New! pdf2cad v9.0 available now!

Over the summer, Visual Integrity Technologies LLC released pdf2cad v9.0 to rave reviews. The direct support for AutoCAD's DWG format is resulting in lean, accurate and easy to edit drawings.

The normal price of $195 is being reduced to $129 until the end of September 2012. Enter Coupon Code CAD0129V9 During Checkout and save $66!

Designing Kitchens with SketchUp by Adriana Granados

v1 designing-kitchens-11

Designing Kitchens ,with SketchUp by Adriana Granados has just been launched on SketchUcation Shop.

This nine chapter, 221 page masterclass which also includes accompanying SketchUp files (30Mb+) that appear in the publication, textures and images, is the ultimate Step by Step Tutorial guide for anyone wishing to get the grips with kitchen design using SketchUp.

Adriana's guide covers all aspects of kitchen design in a easy to follow hand holding fashion from 'Good Practice' to 'Preparing your construction documents' with Layout and everything in between the kitchen designer needs to know.

Spread3D 1.2 has been released!


Spread3D 1.2 has been released! Many new features are available. Spread3D Plugin For SketchUp: store objects positions and orientations in SketchUp and replay the animation in Spread3D. Free plugin for SketchUp

Spread3D Player: Open and review Spread3D Pro experience offline Free download!

Spread3D Free: Convert your SketchUp models to interactive web pages (non-commercial use only) Free download!

NPR McCoy Building


Allanx (Allan Casas), SketchUcation's resident NPR (Non Photo-realistic) expert is showing one of his latest renders which uses extension lines and 2D entourage to produce a very pleasing effect.

The topic can be located here and I am sure Allan would be more than pleased to answer questions about his unique technique which is fully explained in his Mini Publication, Digital Watercolour which will soon be available at the SketchUcation Shop.

KamerMaker - RoomBuilder 3D Printer


KamerMaker clains to be world's first portable 3D Printing pavillion. The KamerMaker (RoomBuilder) will be a movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics. Its 3D print technology is based on an enlarged 'Ultimaker' 3D printing machine. This machine can print 3D objects using PLA (bio plastics produced from corn). The KamerMaker can print small interiors, measuring up to 2.0m(width) x 2.0m (length) x 3.5m (height).

LuxRender 1.0 released


Luxrender V 1.0 recently moved from release candidate to a full fledged stable release. LuxRender is a free and unbiased GPU accelerated render in development since 2007.

Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms LuxRender currently supports Blender, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Cinema4D, Soft Image, DAZ Studio and Poser.

LuxRender is free software - both for personal and commercial use - and is licensed under the GPL.


SketchUcation launches Premium Services

SketchUcation Premium Launches

We have been running SketchUcation for over 5 years, and it continues to be an extremely rewarding experience. We have had a lot of very positive feedback you and wish to thank you all for your continued support and contributions.

As SketchUcation continues grow we needed to look for a way to ensure we evolve as a website and home to a vibrant community. As a small team we decided that we really wanted to be able to dedicate ourselves full-time to SketchUcation, and find a way to keep bringing free quality resources to all our members.


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