12 HDRI Tree Lines V1

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by Oliver Shea

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This package contains 12 spherical panoramas of stunning landscapes and tree lines. Each panorama includes a high quality 4000x2000 HDR file PLUS a large 8000x4000 JPEG if you need very high resolution output. Files have been optimized for quick render times. The tree lines have been produced to help architects and all 3D designers fill out their backgrounds while casting beautiful light, colour and reflection into the model space. Great care has been taken to ensure the panoramas are not overexposed so feel free to increase the HDR brightness in your render engine of choice. There is a free sample in JPEG format and a free HDR sample for Premium Members.

Full 32-bit HDR in 2:1 Spherical Equirectangular format. Should anyone require resolutions up to 13,000 pixels wide, please send a message to olishea through the SketchUcation forum.