'Dryopteris Oreades' & Matteucia struthiopteris 'Ostrich Fern'

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by vimage

$8.00 ($6.40 Premium discount)

.SKP (17.2 MB)

This is a high quality, photo real models scaled for an accurate representation of the original object that allows
for close-up renders and will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects.

File Formats: .SKP

The Zip file comes with four (04) models and a texture file ( Diffuse + Bump) :

- High quality model .Skp 'Dryopteris Oreades'
- High quality model . Skp for scattering 'Dryopteris Oreades'
- One poly version .Skp 'Dryopteris Oreades'
- High quality model .Skp 'Ostrich Fern'

It's recommended to Convert the High quality model to Proxy before scattering!