Alphabet-inspired sketches, Inspiring drills for architects, 3D artists and designers.

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by Majid Yeganegi

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Almost 160 3D sketches inspired by alphabet letters plus 78 Pages of 2D designs. Inspiring and creative. Suitable for student of architecture and architects.

Welcome to the amazing world of sketching. Although these are hand sketches, they are designed to be modeled using SketchUp (or your favorite piece of three-dimensional modeling package).

I considered the alphabet as a source of inspiration and chose a handful of techniques to convert them to volumes. These are the usual tools shared in almost all 3D packages. Also as the book is targeted at architecture students, most of the forms are similar to buildings. The fact is that you may benefit from the idea of the book or consider it as a trigger for your own creativity.

You may adopt them to industrial design too or just consider them as a source of inspiration. I have tried not to stick to a specific style but the nature of my volume creation approach results in simple forms that are near to specific styles and does not necessarily show my favorite style.

The forms are intentionally simple and you may develop them on your own. For each alphabet letter design I have dedicated 3 pages on average. The next 3 pages are dedicated to 3D sketches of those designs. So you have a plentiful of 2D designs and almost 160 3D sketches. I hope you find them enjoyable as I did.

Happy sketch(up)ing!