Podium QuickStart V2

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by James Kenney

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PDF (167 MB)
(Models and TMaps (60 MB))

“Podium QuickStart V2” is a three-part, self-paced introduction to Podium, easily completed in six hours or less.
Part One is an overview to Podium: it’s tools, functionality and interface are introduced.
Part Two covers the main components and functionality of Podium: Rendering Presets, Material Properties and Lighting.
Part Three is when it gets fun: there is a series of 13 simple, easy-to-follow rendering exercises involving both exterior and interior scenes. Each exercise typically takes less than five minutes to set up and each exercise will be rendered in five minutes (or less). The procedures are user friendly, illustrations are clear, the directions brief and pointed. This 47-page book follows my instructional studio process step-by-step. I believe anyone who has basic SketchUp skills can complete these exercises and get great results, you’ll have some fun along the way to!

I will be happy to send you the Tutorial SketchUp Models and TMaps upon request. File size is approximately 60 MB. After you purchase the QuickStart book send me an email and I’ll reply with an invite to join Dropbox. There you can access and download the files. If you are unfamiliar with Dropbox it is a free service for smaller file storage and transfers like the Podium QuickStart V2 offered through SketchUcation.