Architectural perspective shortcuts

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by Majid

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Colleagues and clients, can "read" your thoughts, your concerns, and your points more clearly and rapidly through your sketches; “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Knowing these, we are sharing our "secrets", tips, and tricks to draw your sketches "valid" based on architectural perspective rules but intuitively and rapidly.

We are sharing our adapted way of perspective drawing method that is fast and rather accurate due to geometry rules and frees you from the complications of the majority of perspective drawing books. We are sharing our "shortcuts" to help you to unleash your creativity instead of focusing on rules. Being concise and to the point, the process of architectural perspective drawing would be joyful. As the current book is designed to prepare the practitioner for sketching dedicated to visual thinking so we have kept the essentials and dropped nonessential principals to the point that the result remains still valid; being intuitive and yet true. We also prevented redundancies and a plethora of exercises so this is not the "bible" nor the practice book, while including some practices to help the reader understand the tips and rules. Majid Shima