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When it comes to creating furniture, products or architectural designs etc. I think modeling with real world standard heights and dimensions or popular city design from around the world helps the integrity of the realism of the image. Knowing these things can save much time on making some decisions because the standards of say the "risers of stairs" are for good scientific reason so the dimensions to model by already exist; it's a matter of engineering to serve its purpose if realism is what you're after. Of coarse different cities have different codes but I find some standards to be pretty universal.

I see a lot of architects, wood workers, product designers, etc. in these forums. Thought it would be cool to share findings of standard heights and dimensions and focused designs for an easy reference point (stickied if feasable). I find myself all over the net sometimes looking for things like this. I also think this reference point idea would help out newcomers as well.

I ask humbly that maybe some of you can share your references too. I understand that not every country shares the same standards so it would be a good idea to site any differences. I will start off by sharing some of the sites I found helpful to me so far.

United States (and specifically some New York City) Standards

Eventually I would like to make some of my models into dynamic simulations (like plumbing system through a house and functional product design). References for those kind of things would be cool too.

I hope this helps as a contribution to those who would find it useful in their creativity.

From the forums (thanks Mistro)

Canadian Standards for Concrete Masonry Units (metric)

Download PDF

From the forums (thanks Dale)

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