Sketchup Plugins of Steve Baumgartner and John McClenahan




Add angular dimensions to a Sketchup model. This version places the dimension text in the plane of the dimensioned vertex. It works in all versions >= 2013 and (with minor problems) in SU v8M2 as well. Now multi-lingual. Updated for>= SU2019 2019-02-08

Usage: Tools>Angular Dimension 2>Draw, >Settings, or >Choose Language

Downloads: 20611                [ Version Updated: 2019-02-07 21:30:49 ]



Place slope markers on edges or faces in a range of styles. Edge - Triangle, Rise and Run lines, Text only. Faces - Equilateral Triangle, Long Arrow, Short Arrow, Upright Triangle, Upright Rise and Run lines. Format label text as Ratio, Fraction, % or °

Usage: Tools/Slope Marker/Draw Slope Marker, Tools/Slope markers/Configure

Downloads: 2644                [ Version Updated: 2021-01-29 18:28:11 ]



Draw rectangular components for wood framing with three clicks. Use nominal sizes for standard softwood to US/Canadian or UK dimensions and planing allowances. Lock direction of long axis to any axis using Arrow keys, or parallel to or on a selected face.

Usage: Choose from menu or toolbar: Draw/Wood Framing/Draw Framing, or Draw/Wood Framing/Configure Profiles. User can set any number of nominal and/or custom actual sizes to select with a right click.

Dependencies: No dependencies.

Downloads: 4684                [ Version Updated: 2021-03-22 15:15:12 ]