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A set of utilities for interacting with SketchUp window using the Microsoft Windows API. This library is not intended to do anything by itself. It is mainly used by AMS Window Settings extension.

Downloads: 33160                [ Version Updated: 2018-11-17 09:21:05 ]



Allows softening and smoothing edges with extended options.

Usage: (Context Menu) AMS Soften Edges

Downloads: 7077                [ Version Updated: 2017-03-25 22:59:44 ]



Allows switching SketchUp fullscreen and toggling the visibility of menu bar, status bar, toolbar containers, and various other element of the window. For Windows OS only! Requires AMS Library 3.4.0+, which is also available at PluginStore.

Usage: (Menu) Window → Settings → [Option]

Dependencies: AMS Library version 3.4.0 +

Downloads: 10269                [ Version Updated: 2017-03-12 01:04:51 ]



A cloth simulator for SketchUp. Licensing unlocks Loop Subdivision, Laplacian Smoothing, Movable Pins, and Adaptive Grid. Compatible with SU2016+; Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.8+. Important: Fresh installation may be required. Delete original version first.

Usage: (Menu) Extensions → ClothWorks; (Context Menu) ClothWorks; ClothWorks Toolbar

Dependencies: Latest version of SketchUcationTools to license

Downloads: 83715                [ Version Updated: 2019-08-11 15:01:48 ]



Allows copying groups and components along the curve/edge sequence path.

Usage: (Menu) Extensions → Copy Along Curve

Downloads: 11654                [ Version Updated: 2017-02-28 10:27:19 ]



Attempts to turn groups into solids. The primary purpose was to automatically finish holes, but it looks like its quite successful in attempting to solidify the object too.

Usage: Plugins → FixIt 101

Downloads: 14087                [ Version Updated: 2014-09-01 02:11:55 ]



A realtime physics simulation tool, which allows doing physics simulation of groups and component instances, where each object can be assigned a specific shape, specific states, density, contact properties, magnet properties, script, and more.

Dependencies: AMS Library 3.5.0+

Downloads: 12696                [ Version Updated: 2017-10-17 01:06:25 ]



SP is a realtime physics simulation plugin by Chris Phillips. SP3.5, the unofficial release, comes with many bug fixes, API improvements & enchantments, support for SU6 or later, and compatibility on Mac OS X 10.5+ & MSFT Windows.

Usage: Plugins → SketchyPhysics → [options] and SP Toolbars

Downloads: 13355                [ Version Updated: 2015-01-26 08:12:54 ]



Makes mouse wheel zoom int/out transitions smoother, just like in new apps. For Windows OS only! Requires AMS Library 3.6.0h+, which is also available at PluginStore.

Usage: (Menu) Plugins → Smooth Zoom → [Option]

Dependencies: AMS Library 3.6.0h +

Downloads: 8388                [ Version Updated: 2019-02-21 03:00:34 ]

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