lightup for sketchup released

LightUp continues to get better and better with each release. The latest version introduces new features, improvements and speed enchancements

LightUp developer, Adam Billyard, recently shared an amazing video that showcased the immense presentational power of LightUp for architectural scenes in SketchUp.

Find out more about LightUp's new features and see the Templar Town model in all it's glory

LightUp v3.3 is a new major release of LightUp that has some great new features that really accelerate the workflow of using SketchUp and LightUp to produce high quality content; there are also many fixes and improvement to existing functionality.

lightup interior sceneNew Features & Changes from LightUp v2.x:

  • Section Planes for realtime cut-aways
  • Optimized math gives 30% faster lighting
  • Vertex lighting for detail meshes
  • No Backface cull mode
  • Lambert-Beer transparency
  • Raytraced previewer
  • Control color of outline stroking
  • Fixes for edge visibility
  • Streamlined menu system
  • Updated Collada export
  • Rectangular luminous openings IES support
  • Enhancements and bug fixes

To get the full break of what is new in version 3.3 you can check out Adam's in-depth guide which details some pro tips and tricks for using LightUp with SketchUp.


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