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ARCKIT is a freeform model building tool that allows architects to physically explore designs and bring their projects to life. The interconnecting components use no glue and are completely modular, making it possible to create a diverse range of scaled structures that can be used as working models to communicate ideas to clients and to showcase finished projects.

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ARCKIT model assembled

This award-winning system is an unparalleled advancement on traditional ‘cut and glue’ model building techniques because it is significantly faster to assemble, can be endlessly changed after building, and allows architects to construct affordable models of their designs. The system can also be used alongside 3D computer models to quickly and powerfully communicate ideas to clients and colleagues, and to use as a physical discussion tool throughout all stages of a project.

I can see the potential, both initial and evolutionary, for the Arckit product. I’m looking forward to being able to actually try it out on live projects. - Richard Brown, Sketch Modelshop Manager

ARCKIT is based on modern panelled building techniques, making it highly practical for professional use. Each component is made on a standard 1.2m/4ft modular grid to a scale of 1:48. This is only fractionally smaller than the 1:50 scale normally used by architects, and allows for easy conversion between metric and imperial. The additional benefit of this scale is that it is popular with many model manufacturers, so it is compatible with other model products such as vehicles, figurines and furniture.

ARCKIT modular design

Completed models can be finished with realistic surface textures and material patterns by accessing a free digital ARCKITEXTURE Library on the ARCKIT website. This allows detailed finishes to be added to an ARCKIT model such as wood flooring, terracotta tiles, stone walls and shingle aluminium. These textures can be downloaded and printed to the supplied adhesive Arckitexture sheets ready to be measured, cut and applied to the finished structure.

I originally set out to create a system designed by architects for architects. However, since ARCKIT’S initial debut at Grand Designs 2013, we have received overwhelming interest not only from the profession but also from outside the industry such as the education sector, architecture enthusiasts, interior designers, set designers, model hobbyists, and home builders planning extensions or building projects. - founder of ARCKIT

Added features such as ARCKIT DIGITAL are designed to allow users to recreate ARCKIT designs using SketchUp versions of ARCKIT components in Trimble’s 3D Warehouse. This makes it possible to develop 3D computer models of a physical ARCKIT model, share designs with clients and colleagues, and calculate component quantities necessary to physically build a virtual design. ARCKIT has future plans to release add-on component packsand custom models.

ARCKIT component packs

For more information about ARCKIT (including testimonials from professional architects) please visit or contact Damien Murtagh - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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