pluginstore for chrome now available

SketchUcation PluginStore for Chrome Browser in now available for download in the Chrome Webstore.

Get instant notifications for new plugins and extensions as they are shared on

Don't worry FireFox users will soon have there own version but for now all you Chrome users can keep up to date with the newest additions.

The PluginStore for Chrome is your portal to the latest updates and releases for SketchUp plugins and extensions on SketchUcation. When a new tool is added you are notified directly in your browser.



Clicking will bring you direct to the PluginStore where you can download any plugin or extension in an instant for free.

Go ahead and try out the PluginStore for Chrome

With the PluginStore 1.3 for SketchUp soon to be released you will soon have total control over SketchUp in ways you never thought possible.

If you haven't tried the PluginStore yet then you need to download it today!


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