Simlab SketchUp VR Plugin

SimLab Soft just released the new VR plugin for SketchUp, it allows the creation of interactive VR experiences from inside SketchUp, and to share them with others in one click.

Give your clients that VR experience with Simlab's latest tool for SketchUp. Run it on Windows or Mac PC, or any major VR Headset like HTC and Oculus and Pico headsets. Share and view your SketchUp virtual reality and 3D designs and scenes with one click with everyone.

VR plugin for SketchUp use a subscription based system and is currently $4.99/month(ex VAT) for 20GB of storage and up to 10 online models.

There's more info to learn about VR Plugin For SketchUp and it's pricing and storage options.


  • Readable by SketchUp 2021 and older.
  • The model will be shared into SimLab Cloud and can be accessed with anyone having the public link.
  • Automatically place a suitable starter position so the user can orbit around the model.
  • Auto-generated bump and normal maps for different materials to give realistic and shiny output
  • Insert different real looking light with many ies light options
  • View the scene in different modes; Walking, 3D, or even flying mode


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