FluidRay for SketchUp

Looking to try out some rendering in SketchUp. If you are new to rendering then FluidRay offers a forgiving and intuitive UI with powerful PBR based materials.

Drag and drop, sliders, live reload and support for Rhino, 3DS Max and more. Make beautiful images of your designs in just a few clicks. FluidRay for SketchUp makes rendering easier than ever.

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How to get started with FluidRay

The team behind FluidRay have put together two SketchUp scenes, interior and exterior, to showcase how easy it is to get started. They also have two video tutorials so you can follow along step by step.

The following video shows how to import, light and add materials to a SketchUp model in FluidRay for interior rendering. Everything from emissive materials, HDR lighting and PBR based material authoring is covered. Download the sample SketchUp file to try for yourself

FluidRay also leverages AI and Machine Learning to boost performance for fast and unbiased real-time lighting. There's support for volumetrics, IES light profiles and OSL Shading language. Not to mention the extensive library of PBR materials that are bundled with FluidRay plus the ability to add your own.

Exterior rendering in FluidRay for SketchUp

Other features included:

  • SketchUp (.skp), Rhino OpenNurbs (.3dm), FBX (.fbx), Alias Wavefront (.obj), Collada (.dae), 3DS (.3ds, .ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (.ply), STereoLithography (.stl) file support
  • Physically accurate sub-surface scattering (SSS)
  • Thin lens system, with depth of field
  • Realistic physical sun and sky model, accurately simulates the spectral radiance based on the time of the day and location

This video exterior rendering of SketchUp model in FluidRay. The drag and drop nature of the UI makes iterating through design ideas and changes quick and easy. Render times are quick on moderate systems. FluidRay will use all cores/processors available to it so the better the hardware the faster the render.

Try FluidRay

The FluidRay PBR Renderer for SketchUp is available for a free 10 day trial

More information: FluidRay.com
Check out: https://www.fluidray.com/features/ for the new FluidRay features and specs.


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