18 SketchUp Curved Tree Lines V1

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by Oliver Shea

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This package contains 18 high quality SketchUp Curved Tree Lines including a free sample. The tree lines can be used to quickly add a natural background to your models. The sky has been meticulously removed so you can add your own. There are no masking artifacts or halos around the leaves. The transparent sky also allows light to shine though the tree canopy when rendered giving fantastic shadows. Even though the tree lines are curved, you can easily make them flat if you need to. Rotate, scale and move them to suit your model and add as many as you want. There has been some great results layering the tree lines behind one another. You can also place the tree lines behind the camera to give reflections to buildings or cast shadows onto the foreground. The tree lines have been test rendered in various render applications without any issues and have proven to be big time-savers. Please see the following tutorial by Csaba explaining how to achieve the best results when layering several tree lines: //sketchucation.com/resources/tutorials/253-halo-around-transparent-png-files