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by Jan Sandström (Pixero)

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skp (34mb)

This set of Hornbeam, Boxwood and Thuja twigs requires the Skatter plugin to function properly.

Have you ever wanted a hedge that had a special size or form and not found a matching ready made 3d model? Now you can easily create Hornbeam, Boxwood or Thuja hedges in any form with this set of twigs and the excellent Skatter plugin.

Because of the dense nature of Boxwood and Thuja hedges their twigs have cutout branches to avoid the use of very high tracing depth. Materials are set up for Thea render but textures are included for other render engines.

In each skp file there are example Skattered hedges where you can look at settings and learn from. Open the skp file and start Skatter. Under Renderlist click on edit to load the examples.

For trimmed hedges:

Create a low poly boxy hedge with bevelled edges. (With Round corners plugin by Fredo.) Remove bottom polygon and make it a group. Use as Host in Skatter. For some type of hedges there might be need to separate the top part and use shorter twigs there. Remember to hide the Host on a separate layer before rendering.

For untrimmed hedge (Hornbeam):

Use the Stem or other geometry as Host in Skatter and use the Hornbeam twigs marked for untrimmed. (They have their pivot point at the bottom.)

The most important settings in Skatter are:
Distribution: Random
Mode: Wrap (UV)
Pointing: (Up - Normal. Depends on which model you use.)

You can also use horisontal mirroring, rotation (try different values for other effects), and Scale.