vertical 3d garden

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by vimage

$30.00 ($24.00 Premium discount)

.SKP ( 2.74 GB)

This is a high quality, photo real models scaled for an accurate representation of the original object
that allows for close-up renders and will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects

File Formats: .SKP

The Zip file comes with 21 indoor plants species, ( includes variations in color leaves and shapes )
in total 167 3D plants ( .skp) models, and 25 ready 3D frames, panels and green walls ( .skp)

Link to PDF:

The new version 1.3.0 of Skatter, allow you to create complex green walls, or anything else scattered
on vertical surfaces.

The scene of the green wall show well the potential and the precision of the Skatter plugin.

The zip file include this sketchup scene, but you have to get the latest version of skatter plugin (1.3.0)
and the link for the complete tutorial for how to do it
is here:

It's recommended to Convert the High quality models to Proxy before scattering!