SketchUp for Interior Design Revisited Training Course 1

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by Adriana Granados

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"Training Course 1 - Developing Basic Skills" offers to those that are new in the use of Sketchup 2013 the basic knowledge to draw, edit and manipulate various elements.
This book focuses on the fundamentals for the interior design field and promotes independent study.

Good visual communication is when your ideas can be understood by your audience, and this is especially important for interior designers. SketchUp 2013 is a powerful tool that helps interior designers who work every day with materials, colors, textures, and lights. Much has been written for using SketchUp in the building shell and its relationship to the environment or the site. Less help has been provided to interior designers who specialize in indoor spaces. Students need to know the available tools and how to apply them in specific cases to this particular discipline. Fundamental concepts, ideas on how to create objects and interior spaces, tips, plugins and practical exercises using SketchUp 2013 are what this book offers.
This hands-on book follows the same format as the previous series – step-by-step instructions. It is a compendium of practical exercises using SketchUp 2013 that led students to use the tool from the perspective of the interior designer. This course may be applied to any discipline, but all exercises are designed especially for interior designers, stage designers, and space planning focusing on the tools required to use Sketchup in those fields.
A series of four books offer separate courses progressing in complexity. At the end of every course you will find practical exercises that will broaden your experience in the acquired knowledge. These resources enable students to think about how the knowledge can be applied to any situation. At the end of the four courses you will be able to bridge your ideas to others in a more efficient and attractive way.