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adding dirt maps in photoshopIn this tutorial you will add a dirt maps to your rendered SketchUp scene.

Adding dirt maps in an image editor is relatively simple. It also allows you to save on render time and texturing.

Here we will use masks and gradients to transform your scene.

Adding dirt maps to your render

Open your raw render in PhotoShop.

opening sketchup render in photoshop

Copy and paste the dirt map you want to use above your rendered image.

adding dirt map texture in photoshop

Distorting and Transforming dirt map

Distort the dirt map image with Edit > Distort so it aligns with the wall edges.

distorting dirt map texture in photoshop

Use a SOFT LIGHT blend set at 70 -80% opacity so you will now see the staining coming through.

applying soft light blend in photoshop

Tweaking your dirt maps

Delete the dirt map on areas where it wouldn't normally appear i.e. windows and doors.

deleting dirt maps in areas

Add a Layer Mask to the dirt map and using the Gradient tool, with foreground colour White and background colour Black, pull downwards.This has the effect of feathering out the bottom of the staining.If the staining is not strong enough duplicate the dirt map layer.

applying layer mask to dirt map

Add dirt maps/staining elsewhere by copying back in the original dirt map and scaling to suit.Again, it is good to add the layer mask/gradient so the staining is more pronounced at the top of the wall.
You can copy this layer around and add colour variations such as red to indicate rust staining,or green to indicate plant run off.
It is also a good idea to add a couple of different dirt maps to add variety.
There are some photoshop grunge brushes available for download but I always find this method much quicker.

adding more dirtmaps

You can also use the tutorial on adding grass to raise the level of realism in your scene.


#1 sportingfra 2015-01-29 08:16
Great tutorial!
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#2 mr_robinson 2017-05-25 22:57
Its very well done. Congrats.
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