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modeling a teardrop lamp

If you struggle with making complicated models like this TearDrop Lamp then this 4 minute screencast is just what you need.

You will learn how to apply several common techniques in SketchUp along with using various plugins to speed up the modeling process.

This tutorial is aimed at Intermediate SketchUp Users who are familiar with array modifiers, scaling handles and component instances. Along with installing SketchUp plugins and extensions.

Modeling a Teardrop Lamp

To fully complete this tutorial you will need to download or purchase some popular plugins.

To perform the subdivision element you will need to purchase the Artisan plugin, if you are not familiar with Artisan you can read a full review in CatchUp Edition #1.

To create the tubing which surrounds the lamp you will need to download the Pipe Along Path plugin from the forums.

For creating the webbing on the lamp surface TIG's Mirror script is also needed.