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Model the Base

Draw an 8 segment circle with a radius of 150mm.

Using the circle tool

PushPull to a height of 250mm.

PushPull to a height

Select top edges and move a copy using CTRL + Move constrained downward 200mm.

Select top edges

Type /4 or 4/ into the VCB to perform an array.

Select top edges

Select every 2nd loop and use the Scale tool to perform a uniform scale about centre by 1.2(holding CTRL will invoke 'Uniform about Centre' mode).

Use the Scale tool

Offset the top face by 50mm.

Offset the top face

Offset the bottom face by 50mm.

Offset the bottom face

Select the top and bottom faces and move downwards 50mm.

Select the top and bottom faces

If you have the Vertex Tools plugin select alternate vertices on the top and bottom loops. Move them upward 55mm. If you don't have Vertex Tools them you can move each point individually using the Move tool.

Select alternate vertices

Scale all 4 vertices by 1.1 holding Shift and dragging on the handle indicated(alternatively you can select the loops and perform the scaling).

Scale all 4 vertices

Select the opposite vertices in the middle loop and move these upwards 80mm.

Select the opposite vertices

Select all (CTRL + A) and group it either via the context-menu or the Edit menu. The Entity Info box indicates that it is a Solid Volume, meaning it has no holes or contains no internal geometry. You will need this solid for the next step

Select all

Construct the trunk

Move a copy upward 290mm using CTRL + Move.

Move a copy upward

With the Move tool still active rotate the top group 45 degrees.

Rotate the top group

Select both groups and move copies upwards 580mm.

Select both groups

Type 14* or *14 in the VCB so you array another 13 copies upwards.

Array copies

Select all and use Outer Shell to combine all groups into one solid group.

Use Outer Shell

To taper the trunk use FredoScale's Taper tool and perform a 'Uniform about Centre' tapering (tap CTRL to invoke 'about centre'). Enter 0.65 and the taper value.

Taper the trunk

Finally use FredoScales Bending tool to deform the trunk.

Deform the trunk

Alternatively use Vertex Tools with a Cosine Falloff and manipulate it to your liking.

Vertex Tools with a Cosine Falloff

The final result should look something like this.

Final Result

At times SketchUp will struggle to form faces when the geometry is extremely small. If you run into this problem during the bending process just undo (CTRL + Z) and scale your object by a factor of 10.

Once you have successfully performed the process then scale by a factor of 0.1 to return the object to its original size.

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