sketchucation christmas competition announcement

It's competition time so get your Christmas thinking caps on! There's some great prizes on offer for the 3 lucky winners.

The theme of the competition is 'Christmas' so we will leave the rest up to your imagination!

Read on to see what's on offer and how to enter.

We've teamed up with 3Dconnexion and Vertex Tool's creator Thomas Thomassen to deliver a superb competition for SketchUcation members. When you mix the most popular 3D mouse on the market with SketchUp's most powerful Extension you get a match made in heaven.

Now you have a chance to own both! It is a straight up modeling competition that's voted on by the members. The top 10 most voted upon will be judged by a panel of experienced SketchUp users to decide who's the overall winners.

The Prizes

sketchucation christmas prizes

1st place will win a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro and a Licensed copy of Vertex Tools

2nd place will win a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless and a Licensed copy of Vertex Tools

3rd place will win a Licensed copy of Vertex Tools

Submit Your Entry

Christmas Competition

The competition theme is Christmas and all you need to do is model something with a festive flavour in SketchUp.

To add some spice to the competition you will need to use Thomthom's Vertex Tools at some point in the process. You can grab a trial version of Vertex Tools from the PluginStore.

Easy huh? There are a few more rules to adhere to.....


  • You must create all of the submission in SketchUp
  • You can enter only one entry
  • You cannot render or post process your image
  • Your image must be a minimum of 1080px x 720px
  • Your entry must be a new creation (not something blagged from the 3D Warehouse
  • You must provide some example of Vertex Tools in use (the cleverer the better!)
  • The finalists will need to submit their models for judgement
  • The submission must be Christmas related

Get inspired...

We all need something to get the juices flowing. Here's some stellar Eric Lay models that might spark an idea or two.


The community will play a major role in deciding the finalists. Our new Voting System will need to be put to good use by the members. The 10 highest voted entries will be judged upon by our panel of judges.

  • Rich O'Brien - SketchUcation
  • Mike Lucey - SketchUcation
  • Thomas Thomassen - Vertex Tools Creator
  • Eric Lay - aka Boofredlay
  • Dave Richards - aka DaveR


Closing date is the 14th of December so get a wriggle on. Winners will announced on the 16th of December.

Submit Your Entry

Looking forward to seeing what you can do with Vertex Tools and some artistic license. Best of luck!


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Rich is SketchUcation's Managing Director and Certified SketchUp Trainer. He has a background in aviation technical training and is also the editor of CatchUp WebMag



#1 wlldm 2013-12-07 16:14
Hi! May people from other countries participate of this competition? I mean, I'm from Brazil, and if I win how will I get the 3d mouse? Thanks!
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#2 Rich O Brien 2013-12-07 16:16

Anyone can enter from any country. Mouse will be shipped to supplied address
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#3 wlldm 2013-12-07 17:38
@Rich O'Brien

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#4 pablopcb 2013-12-07 20:43
Can i use some textures to make the model more interesting? and how big the models and the textures be in "Mb".
Report to administrator
#5 Rich O Brien 2013-12-07 20:48

no limit on size. Go crazy
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#6 Large_Black 2013-12-08 15:16
It is possible to use, for example, 3d forniture models downloaded straight from the producer site, like chairs,table,etc...?
Report to administrator
#7 Rich O Brien 2013-12-08 15:46

Entry must be a new creation
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#8 jlow689 2013-12-09 02:53
Will the submissions gallery be up soon?

cant wait to see the submissions!

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#9 shijree 2013-12-09 12:15
hello. it must premium member join to compitition?
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#10 Rich O Brien 2013-12-09 13:15

free to enter for everyone
Report to administrator
#11 HanzoJ 2013-12-10 00:37
Can we use other plugins/tools during the modelling process? eg: Artisan, or Fredos
Report to administrator
#12 Rich O Brien 2013-12-11 14:34

Use whatever you need
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#13 John SB 2013-12-11 21:16
What time on the 14th is the final deadline?
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