After an intense development effort, Thea Presto new edition 1.2 is finally here! This is a milestone edition, with the innovation of Field Mapping along with the addition of a brand new GPU engine, called Presto. The latter is the main reason developers decided to name the edition after the name of the GPU engine. We hope you will enjoy this update and looking forward for great renders!

Presto GPU Engine

Thea Presto is a new render engine that runs entirely on your graphics card processor. The engine has been especially tuned for fast interactive rendering and pushes GPU computing to the limits, while keeping the high photorealistic quality of Thea Render.

Field Mapping

Field mapping is a new proprietary technique that evaluates consistently the lighting than cannot reach easily the viewer and brings the expected high quality results without any troubles. This innovation along with several improvements raise significantly the quality vs speed bar for our biased engine.

Improved Interface


While Thea is all about rendering, we could not leave the studio without any improvements. New features such as the head-up display with the selection hierarchy, level of detail for faster drawing and a workflow redesign of settings make it more intuitive and fun to play with.

Best of all: the new update is free for all existing members!

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