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NewTec Inc. has pre-released its new time-based application for sculpting and modifying animation caches in VFX and feature animation pipelines called ChronoScuplt.

ChronoSculpt is a powerful new stand-alone application that revolutionizes working with animation and dynamic simulation cache files from any application. ChronoSculpt also introduces a radical new geometry engine based on their “Hydra” technology which "allows the deformation and manipulation of 8 to 10 million polygon objects with ease."

Read on to see ChronoSculpt in action at SigGraph 2013.

ChronoSculpt look to be a huge time saver for studios as it offers the ability to sculpt corrections to character animations in realtime. Seeing is believing and this video really does show the immense power and time saving allowed for users.

At $399 (reduced to $299 during the pre-release period), ChronoSculpt would be one of the lower-priced tools in the professional VFX arena but for now, ChronoSculpt is Windows only. A OSX version is in the works for 2014.

Chronosculpt is available on pre-release today with the final version is expected to ship at the end of the year. Find out more about ChronoSculpt here.



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