AutoDesk FBX Review for Windows

Autodesk FBX Review is a new lightweight and free software tool for reviewing 3D assets and animations without the need of using a 3D authoring tool.

Users can toggle shading modes, animations, cameras, and lighting options to better evaluate their 3D content through a touch-based UI on Windows 8 or with a mouse and keyboard on Windows 7.

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Super fast 3D Model reviewing

Users can import and review a variety of 3D file formats without using full commercial 3D animation software: .fbx, .3ds, .obj, .dxf, .dae, .bvh, .htr, .trc, .asf, .amc, .c3d, .aoa, .mcd.


  • Switch between shading modes: wireframe, faceted, shaded, textured, and wireframe overlay.
  • Toggle scene lights, shadows, and tessellation.
  • A high-fidelity viewport supporting DirectX 11 helps users review assets and scenes with a wide range of visual effects.
    • Static and Dynamic Tessellation
    • Displacement and Vector Displacement Maps
    • Skin Deformations and Animation
    • Phong and Lambert Basic Material Properties (such as: Diffuse Color)
    • Specular and Normal Maps (Tangent-Space)
    • Real-Time Shadow Maps
    • Diffuse and Emissive Maps
    • Reflection Maps (Cube, 2D or mix)
    • Opacity Mask Maps
    • Light and Ambient Occlusion Maps
    • Anisotropic Direction Maps
    • Transparency with Fresnel
    • 3 Diffuse Models: Lambert, Skin and Hair/Fur
    • 3 Specular Models: Blinn, Skin and Anisotropic (Hair/Comb flow)
    • Translucency Bodies (Sub Surface Scattering)
    • Image Based Lighting
    • Rim Light with Fresnel
    • Ground and Sky Ambient Color

Playback Animation Takes and Switch Cameras

Examine animations and scenes using familiar and intuitive play, pause, and scrub-through controls.

  • For files containing user-created cameras, FBX Review allows the user to toggle between them. If no cameras are saved, FBX Review provides default orthogonal and perspective cameras.
  • If multiple animation takes are saved within a file, a simple drop down enables rapid switching between the takes.


Intuitive, Lightweight, and Mobile

  • Designed to help artistic and creative directors review assets on-the-go, FBX Review was designed to run on Windows 8 touch-screen devices such as tablets.
  • Touch-screen controls on Windows 8 makes reviewing assets a simple, familiar process.
  • Use the Windows 8 charm bar to quickly send review notes and screenshots to team members.


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