Yuzu is a software suite by Picard Innovations aimed at professionals in the field of measuring spaces and buildings. Part of this platform is an extensive SketchUp plugin which allows the user to connect a laser distance meter and create SketchUp models while taking measurements in real time. Yuzu also offers a set of useful tools to automate common tasks and get things done more easily.

Yuzu is designed to aid in Architecture, Surveying, Interior Design, Engineering and Construction, Project Development and Facility Management. The tools can be useful in other areas as well, such as game development and realtime presentations. Yuzu for sketchUp is currently running its first beta release.


Here are some of the basic features Yuzu offers:

  • Getting measurement data directly from a Leica Distometer with Bluetooth.
  • Create 3D floorplans by drawing simple layouts with common SketchUp tools.
  • Punch holes for doors and windows and create columns by measuring offsets
  • Measured extrude function
  • Angle measurement
  • Distance measurement

The Yuzu beta can be found at http://labs.picardinnovations.com


#1 pedicini 2014-08-29 23:41
I downloaded Yuzu and followed the directions, but Sketchup crashes now upon opening. Anyone else having this problem with Leica E7500i on iPad?
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