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SketchUp's Product Management Director, John Bacus, has issued a call to action for SketchUp users everywhere to help shape SketchUp's development for 2014.

SketchUp has a long history of implementing users requests and now with yearly release cycles this means they will be a very busy team over the next 12 months.

Read on the get the full details...

A few days ago John posted this to his Google+ page....

Hi everybody,

In the weeks following the release of SketchUp 8, we had a lively discussion about what the SketchUp team should be working on next. While a user base of 30 million people or so using SketchUp in every way imaginable will never all have the same requirements, there was some convergence last time on a couple basic requests.

The majority of folks who responded asked for better support for finding and installing Ruby extensions. Our developers wanted API improvements so they could write better extensions. Folks who make drawings for a living wanted better tools for drafting. Folks who make renderings for a living wanted better tools for working with rendering engines. There were also dozens of good ideas about basic toolbar management and other such things in the UI. We had many requests for improvement in model interoperability with other applications.

And of course everyone always wants the whole system to run ever faster on ever larger models. That's a fixture of every release we've ever done. Specific technologies that have captured folks' attention in recent years include "64-bit" and "multicore", but performance is always on our development agenda— no matter we choose as the supporting technology.

We got to some of this in SU2013, but of course didn't get to everything. Some of what we didn't get to we'd like to do 'someday' and some of it we may 'never' do. Some of it we are already working on... but it will take a long time to finish. Regardless where we are on our internal roadmap, the discussion here is always good.

So let's kick this thing off... what do you think we should be working on next and why is that important to your work?


...Now is your chance to help the team drive SketchUp 2014 to the next level.

Join in the discussion here.


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#1 Steve Rugg 2013-12-29 21:09
I would like to see it work on the older versions of Mac Intel Machines as well as 32 vs 64 for use on my laptop.
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#2 mattslagle 2014-01-27 13:15
Please consider adding the ability to import 3D trees and buildings from Google Earth.
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