June update; 20 new 3D trees, 135 new 2D trees/plants, 50 new outdoor light fixtures, 70 furniture and interior items and more.

Podium Browser provides thousands of render ready components such as light fixtures, furnishings, plants and materials from a web server directly to SketchUp. The content will be downloaded directly into your model and is ready to be photo-realistically rendered by SU Podium. You simply click on a thumbnail in the Browser to drop content into your SketchUp model. When rendering with SU Podium, it will appear in your image as a photo-realistic object without any additional preparation.

Podium Browser is part of SU Podium V2 and works with SketchUp versions 7 and 8, Windows and Mac. SU Podium Browser can also be downloaded as a free, independent plug-in to SketchUp but it works best with SU Podium V2.


Podium Browser has a significant number of free 3D light fixtures, 2D face-me plants, high resolution textures, "Podium ready" 3D cars, render ready furniture and some Podium materials - so it is worth downloading and installing even if you do not plan to purchase a license (yet). Podium Browser also has a Paid category with several thousand components and is growing quickly. This Paid category requires the customer to purchase a $59.00 permanent, Paid Content license. The license can be purchased from the web store. You can view the Paid content by looking at the thumbnails in the Paid category without purchasing a license.

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