gTools is a suite of software tools which were developed to simplify the process of performing accurate energy analysis using Sketchup models. Our on-line gTools work together to provide you with an easy-to-use rapid workflow or can be used individually to achieve tasks.

There are many key features our toolset provides, such as the ability to autosurface models, and import/export the resultant gbXML which in turn supports interoperability with 3D tools such as Sketchup, Revit, Archicad etc. The gTools suite is OS, device and application-agnostic.

gTools is comprised of the following key modules:

  • gWorkspace: the gTools cloud collaboration platform.
  • gModeller: the only gbXML plug-in for Trimble Sketchup and inc. auto-surfacing.
  • gEnergy: building energy analysis software application inc. EPC generation.

gTools incorporates Cloud collaboration - We have a robust storage facility in our gWorkspace cloud platform which not only allows sharing of gTools project files and models but also allows any project related files to be centralised and shared between all stakeholders in each of your building projects.

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