The products of SU Podium; SU Podium V2 (with Podium Browser), Podium Walker, Viso3D, SU Animate and SU Walk now have installation version that support SketchUp 2013 for Windows and Mac.

If you have or are upgrading your SketchUp to SU 2013, go to the Free Trial page and download the plug-in and the version you need and reinstall. You will need to reactivate your license after installing for SketchUp 2013.

SU Podium will also release SU Podium Plus soon - which will be a free upgrade for all SU Podium V2 users.

See what's new around SU Podium at the end of May

  1. SketchUp 2013: SU Podium V2, Podium Browser, Walker, etc. on SketchUp 2013
  2. SU Podium V2 Image of the month
  3. SU Podium V2Plus - an introductions to Podium Image Editor
  4. Podium Browser- more content, background and 3D trees
  5. Podium Walker with Podium Browser video series
  6. Webstore specials - Viso3D is $9.95
  7. AIA 2013 - Booth 4314

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