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Trying to follow all the latest news on SketchUp happenings can be a full time job. Wouldn't be great if there was a constant feed of SketchUp news directly within SketchUp?

Now you can with Alex Schreyer's latest plugin SketchUp News. It trawls Trimble SketchUp, SketchUcation, Twitter, Facebook and many more sites for tutorials and news and displays an overview of all the comings and goings directly within SketchUp.

Need to see if there's any updates in the plugins forums? Want to see what is trending on Twitter? Read on....

Our friend, Alex Schreyer, is a pretty busy guy of late. Last year he partnered with Sketchfab to bring direct exporting of your SketchUp models to Sketchfab's insane online viewer. Then he releases Architectural Design with SketchUp, probably the most thorough book on ArchViz techniques available. Now he goes and releases another gem that will satisfy your lust for all things SketchUp.


sketchup news screenshot

SketchUp News adds a news browser to the SketchUp Help menu that allows you to follow not only news and tutorial blog posts but also Twitter and Facebook postings as well as forum discussions all in one place. Clicking on a link will bring you direct to that article.

All the info is nicely ordered with News items and tutorials on the left side of the screen and the right side aggregates Trimble’s Facebook posts with Tweets that include @sketchup and discussions from the SketchUcation forums.

It is a really a great means of keeping abreast of SketchUp realted content.

Grab SketchUp News plugin here



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