Import and Optimize 3D models in SketchUp with FluidImporter Pro

FluidImporter Pro is a SketchUp extension that quickly imports many different 3d model file formats into SketchUp.

Need to import models at blazing fast speeds from Blender into SketchUp? Got a high polygon OBJ file you need to poly-reduce? Or maybe a Rhino file to you need to remesh?

Besides supporting a variety of formats, it's strength is the ability to preview and adjust the models before actually importing them into SketchUp. In many instances 3d models can be pretty heavy, and, if imported directly, can slow down SketchUp considerably.

Import and Optimize 3D models in SketchUp with FluidImporter Pro

In the FluidImporter Pro preview window you can, among other things, simplify the model on the fly before importing. Vice-versa, if the original 3d model is low-poly, there is the possibility to subdivide it.

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Here are the full set of features included in FluidImporter Pro:

  • Support for all the popular formats:
    • FBX (*.fbx)
    • Rhino (*.3dm)
    • Wavefront OBJ (*.obj)
    • Collada (*.dae)
    • AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
    • StereoLithography (*.stl)
    • 3D Studio (*.3ds;*.ase)
    • Standford (*.ply)
    • DirectX (*.x)
    • Blender files (*.blend)
    • 3d Printing (*.3mf)
    • Lightwave (*.lwo)
    • WRML (*.wrl)
  • All material properties (texture, color) are imported
  • Super fast: quickly import even the most complex models
  • Real-time preview: inspect and adjust the model before importing into SketchUp
  • Hierarchy simplification: remove useless scene complexity
  • Mesh simplification: reduce polygon count to make complex meshes more manageable
  • Mesh subdivision: add detail to low-polygon models
  • Automatic meshing of Rhino files:
    • if the Rhino files don’t contain render meshes, they will be generated on the fly

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