ProWalker GPU for SketchUp

ProWalker GPU adds interactive visualisation work flow to architects and designers using SketchUp. Physically-based materials, lighting, and HDRI support take the guesswork out of rendering. All powered using Nvidia's iRay render engine.

Design decisions and lighting changes rendered in the viewport in near real-time. This offers a level of flexibility and freedom to iterate that is unique to GPU based rendering.

prowalker for sketchup

A leap forward from Podium Walker

Integration with the Nvidia iRay render engine adds large improvements in render quality. 

  • Three distinct render modes
  • iRay's progressive sample-based work flow
  • Balance output quality against deadline requirements

Photo-real mode introduces unbiased, physically-based pathtracing. ProWalker is either stand-alone or integrated as a companion to SU Podium.

A powerful tool in the Podium suite

ProWalker GPU supports all SU Podium lighting and material properties. ProWalker can integrates with Cadalog's extensive Podium Browser component library. Over 12,000 render-ready SketchUp components in 20+ categories. 

  • Furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Vegetation
  • Vehicles
  • Podium Materials

No extra steps when rendering in SU Podium to fly-through animation in ProWalker. Set your camera paths, and you're ready to render. All material and lighting choices from Podium carry over into ProWalker.

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