SketchUp for Construction Documentation UPDATED (2024)

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by Paul Lee

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This is a detailed step-by-step guide to building a house model from scratch and transforming it into finished construction documents. The contents includes two model files which contain embedded components that are inserted during the modelling process.
The course is hands-on rather than being a reference manual. though there are reference sections in this book which explain various tools and settings as the course proceeds.
The course comes in a kit form with pre-assembled components which help to speed up the building process. The end result of the work is pictured on the book cover.
As we open up the first SketchUp file we get a plan of the house that we're going to build. Following the well-illustrated instructions, we start to create the shapes of the plan that are then extruded to create the internal and external walls, floors, and ceilings.
As we move through the modeling process we take a look at the organisation of the model: Layers (or "Tags"), Components, Groups, Sub Groups and how these are best organised within the model.
The book contains 5 fundamentally important shortcuts for efficient rapid SketchUp modeling. These are a must for all professional SketchUp users.
This book is a highly valuable addition to the list of titles on the subject of Construction Documentation for SketchUp Pro both now and into the future, as it will be updated annually to reflect updates to SketchUp. To use this book you will need to download files from Here

What will you get from this book? By following the exercises in this book, you will become competent at 3D modelling a house model, and creating live, updatable 2D plans/ sections. In addition, you will understand how to build 3D details from your model. You'll be able to present these drawings in LayOut as final completed documents. Who should read this book? This book is for anyone involved in creating documentation for Construction whether architect, builder, engineer, interior designer or DIY enthusiast. It is recommended that the user should be familiar with SketchUp’s tools and concepts before attempting the exercises in this book. While the lessons are quite self-contained, familiarity with modelling, navigating the model space, and model management is strongly advised. Why should you read this book? If you're looking for the most immediate way to access SketchUp Pro for construction documentation then this book is for you. The workflows contained here are the same ones that the author has employed for years to execute the successful design and construction of multiple projects, both domestic and commercial.