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SectionCutFace    v8.0

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Extension: Context-Menu* > Add Section-Cut Face [*only if one section-plane selected]

Adds faces to a Section-Plane.

Adds faces to a Section-Plane.
'No' for no 'linking'
'Yes' to Auto-Update with all changes to the plane or model
'On_Demand' to remake it only when desired

Plus many other settings - see the main Usage Documentation...

The ../Plugins/SectionCutFace/Strings/ '.strings' files can be made/edited to make/adjust locale translations of the menus/prompts etc...
The ../Plugins/SectionCutFace/SectionCutFace.constants file can be edited to change the initial dialog's defaults...

If you want to use this tool in SketchUp < v2014 and are experiencing problems, then contact TIG by PM - because alternative early-version files to go into the subfolder might be available and can be supplied via PM... However, upgrading to a newer version of SketchUp is highly recommended...

Adds faces to a Section-Plane.

Note: it is available only for SUp v8 or newer, and runs only from the Context-Menu, and if the selection is a Section-Plane.

Dialog asks for the SectionCutFace's 'Color'. Choose from dropdown:

Black [the initial default]
[then all other materials in the model by sorted name]

To scroll through a long list use up/down-arrow keys, type in 1st letter of color to jump to it - e.g. W > Wheat, then use the up/down arrow keys to move up/down from that for say Wombat.
<Default> == No material
<No_Face> == Remove all Faces from the SectionCutFace, leaving only Edges - with this option these edges can NEVER be 'Hidden'.

You can set Auto-Update/On_Demand a <No_Face> version...
The chosen color is added to every face/backface in the SectionCutFace's group.
You can edit the faces and/or materials within a SectionCutFace group, BUT if it is set as Auto-Update/On_Demand then it will update and changes will be lost: so it's best only to edit unlinked SectionCutFaces.
A SectionCutFace's 'facing' is determined from its nested outlines: on solids this will work as expected, but interpenetrating solids or badly formed 3d objects can result in some voids where solids are expected - so then editing will be needed.
Remember, it needs to be a un-linked version to retain these changes.
To make an 'un-linked' version, select the Auto-Update/On_Demand version and remake the SectionCutFace, this time choosing 'No' for the 'Auto-Update' option...

Each Section-Plane's 'cut' edge-color & width are set by the Scene's 'Style'. You may wish to match those with the faces' color, with a thin 'width'.

It asks if you want to 'Keep' faceless edges [default=Yes]
most useful with the <No_Face> option when making an outline etc. Obviously you cannot erase faceless edges if the <No_Face> option is chosen.

It asks if you want to 'Hide' edges [default=Yes] see earlier about its limitations - you cannot hide edges in <No_Face> cuts.

It asks if you want to 'Lock' the new SectionCutFace group [default=Yes] this stops it being moved/changed accidentally.

It asks if you want to 'Auto-Update?' the SectionCutFace to the Section-Plane [default=No]:

'No' leaves it where/as as it was first made - this is the best if you intend editing the SectionCutFace's contents [Tip do not 'Lock' it].

'Yes' means it will change as the Section-Plane or its cutting of the model changes.
It is recommended that this option is used sparingly, on large models it can cause noticeable lags, and the On_Demand option is therefore recommended.

'On_Demand' does NOT Auto-Update the SectionCutFace, BUT an additional context-menu item becomes available if the Section-Plane has this setting ['Remake SectionCutFace'] which will redo the cut - without a dialog, using the previous settings - useful in complex models where refreshing cuts continuously would be too onerous.

You can make any number of cuts using 'No' and then moving the Plane. But only one Auto-Update/On_Demand SectionCutFace can exist for each Plane, changing the Section-Plane's SectionCutFace from on type to another will remove any previous linking.

It asks for the SectionCutFace group's 'Layer', this default is shown first as <Section's Layer>. It will use the same Layer as the Section-Plane.
Then 'SCUT-nnnnnnn' - where nnnnnnn = 'a time stamp'.
It is often best to leave each SectionCutFace on its own layer so you can switch it off if that SectionCutFace is not wanted 'on' in some other scene views...
The layers and section-plane width/colors etc are best set scene by scene.
The SectionCutFace's faces & edges are on 'Layer0' and are inside a group called 'SCUT-nnnnnnn', it's put on its own own unique layer, UNLESS you choose otherwise.

From v6.0 a 'Scene Visibility' option lets you choose the visibility settings of the group's layer, in existing/new/future scene-tabs.

The options are:

"Current Scene" The current scene-tab gets the specified layer set visible, it's hidden in all other existing/new scene-tabs.
The specified layer must be either a new SCUT-nnnnnnn type, or a new "Customized" layer.
If the group's layer is "Section's Layer" or an existing Layer, then nothing is changed - i.e. that layer is recycled using whatever settings/scene-tabs it has already got.
This is the default and will usually be best.

"All Scenes" The layer specified is set to be visible in all existing/new scene-tabs.
The specified layer must be either a new SCUT-nnnnnnn type, or a new "Customized" layer.
If the group's layer is "Section's Layer" or an existing Layer, then nothing is changed - i.e. that layer is recycled using whatever settings/scene-tabs it has already got.

"New Scene" A dialog asks for a new Scene Name, if that scene-tab doesn't exist it is created and added onto the end of the scene-tabs list, and it is also set as the current scene-tab - based on the previous current scene-tab in all other respects.
The initial default Scene Name offered is based on the selected Layer Name...
The layer set up is then treated as if "Current Scene" had been used - see above...

Please save your model before using - BugSplats can happen !

3.0 20130606
Recoded. Speed improved. Cut-face can now 'Glue' to the SectionPlane so that then it changes with it/model.
3.1 20120606
Fixed glitch with cut-faces creation for hidden objects.
3.2 20130607
Fixed glitch with glued cut-faces not updating in convoluted nested contexts.
3.3 20130607
SectionCutFace_loader.rb file now contains editable lists for changing default colors and the dialog's initial default values.
3.4 20130607
Glue 'On_Demand' option added to avoid continual dynamic SCUT updating.
The initial Glue default is now 'No'.
SectionCutFace_loader.rb customized options now work properly in compiled files.
3.5 20130608
Option permutations allow more flexibility, <No_Face > can be Glued/On_Demand etc.
3.6 20130609
Recoded legit group manipulations to avoid bugsplats from ill-advised 3rd-party tools over-writing API methods and/or adding badly formed Observers.
3.7 20130611
SectionPlanes 'on-face' now cut geometry by making the cut 0.1mm inside section.
Option in SectionCutFace_loader.rb to change 'Inset' to > 0.1.mm, needed for some users whose GC's leave section-cuts not showing...
3.8 20130724
Glitch with observers used for Gluing when new model started resolved.
3.9 20131122
Inner hole face removal algorithm improved.
4.0 20131123
Further improvements in inner hole face removal algorithms.
4.1 20131123
Convoluted transformations of nested objects no longer affects algorithms.
4.2 20131124
Remaining convoluted mirrored transformations trapped.
4.3 20131227
'Glue' renamed 'Auto-Update'. Observer impact on usage optimized.
4.4 20131228
Observers honed again.
4.5 20140313
Observers adjusted to avoid splats on a few MACs+Mavericks: known v2014 MR0 issue.
4.6 20141101
Now if you use the <Default> material for a SectionCutFace and you paint its group [unlocking if necessary], it then shows that material - perhaps textured, like concrete] - then if it is 'Remade' later on that material is still displayed. This is an alternative to manually adding new own material names into the dialog's list in the SectionCutFace_loader.rb file which can be awkward.
4.7 20150710
Recoded to allow for most Windows User-names containing accented characters in the AppData Plugins folder-path etc.
5.0 20160127
Now signed for v2016 full compatibility.
Customize-able default Constants now in a separate .constants file - see it's Usage notes...
Dialog now allows you to make the SectionCutFace's Layer to be the selected 'Section's Layer', or a unique 'SCUT-nnnnnn' layer, or a Customized new layer, or any other model-layer.
The name of the SectionCutFace is either 'After the Layer' or you can enter a Customized-name.
5.1 20160203
Glitch fixed on SectionCutFaces set to AutoUpdate and OnDemand: the SectionCutFace's Layer is now properly updated to match the Section's Layer, unless its Layer is already set to 'Customized', in which case it is retained; and the SectionCutFace's Name is now updated to match its Layer's name, unless its Name is already set to 'Customized', in which case it is retained.
6.0 20160222
Glitch fixed with 'remade' SectionCutFaces - layer error etc.
The SectionCutFaces now have modified bounding-boxes, made tight to the face, and their axes are also reset so that their blue axis is perpendicular to the face, with the red axis 'horizontal', and the 'origin' set to a logical lower corner.
An additional option has been added to the dialog and constants file.
'Scene Visibility' - seen the main Documentation for more details...
6.1 20170131
New FR strings file added [thanks to @mariocha]. Re-signed for full v2017 compatibility.
6.2 20170131
Glitch with COMP constant - incrementing SCUT name - fixed.
8.0 20240402
Updated for future compatibility.