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MODELUR (Urban Design Extension)    v2022.12.03

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About Modelur

Modelur is a free parametric urban design tool seamlessly integrated into SketchUp. It helps you quickly create and test different urban design alternatives. In addition to real-time calculation of key urban parameters (eg. FAR, number of apartments, required parking spaces, etc.) it also offers Interactive 3D Zoning™, including warnings when the design is not in line with zoning regulations (eg. buildings are too high or if they are placed too close together, etc.), GIS data import/export, LiveSync with Excel and much more.

Visit our website for more information.


  • Boost your productivity (design 3-5 times faster)
  • Make well-informed decisions
  • Increase confidence in your design
  • Work directly inside zoning regulations
  • Quickly iterate and evaluate design alternatives
  • Focus on the design outcome


  • Seamless integration with SketchUp (making it as simple and intuitive to use)
  • Parametric Buildings (simple and mixed-use), City Blocks and Land Uses
  • Interactive 3D Zoning™
  • LiveSync to Excel (Windows only)
  • Real-time calculation of key urban performance indicators (eg. FAR, apartments, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Real-time zoning compliance check (eg. FAR is exceeded or buildings are too close together, etc.)
  • One-click Import of OSM 3D buildings and 2D footprints
  • GIS (SHP or GeoJSON) import and export

What is Modelur?

Modelur is 3D application for parametric urban design. It is implemented as a plug-in for Trimble SketchUp. To see what exactly Modelur is capable of, we invite you to take a look at our demo presentation.

Why should I use Modelur?

Main advantage of Modelur, in comparison to other applications, is that it is highly specialized for use in urban design and planning, which leads to great time savings when compared to traditional and CAD tools. Beside the tools that enable parametric design of buildings, it also offers simultaneous calculation of urban control values (for buildings and for whole plot), which makes it not only faster to design but it also reduces chances of making mistakes.

Where can I find documentation

Full documentation can be found here.

2022.12.02 - Enhancement: Improve license check. - Enhancement: Add support for SketchUp 2023. - Bugfix: Improve placing buildings on terrain if terrain groups are transformed - Bugfix: Improve GIS import of GeoJSON features with geometry collection as geometry