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UV Toolkit    v2.3.2

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An overview of UV Toolkit for SketchUp

UV Toolkit for SketchUp is a selection of tools to assist in UV mapping textures on your SketchUp models. It comes without numerous mapping options and features that make UV mapping models in SketchUp easier. Some of the UV mapping methods and options are listed below:

  • Copy and Paste UV co-ordinates in SketchUp
  • UV Memory to store UV mapping
  • Fit texture to Quad Faces
  • Rotate Quad-Faces 90/180/270 Degrees
  • Frontface UVs to Backface or Backface UVs to Frontface

Known Issues:
'Fit Texture to Quad-faces' places the texture arbitrary.
Rotation methods only rotates the front face.


  • SketchUp 7 or newer - ( Other versions untested )
  • TT_Lib2 (v2.9.1)

How to access UV Toolkit for SketchUp

  • View > Toolbars > UV Toolkit²
  • Plugins > UV Toolkit²
  • Quad-Face > Right-Click > UV Clipboard

Features for UV Toolkit for SketchUp

Copy and Paste UV Co-ordinates

Allows you to copy the way a texture is mapped on a quad-face to another quad-face. (See video for demonstration.)

UV Memory

  • Use only on triangles and quad-faces.

Fit Texture to Quad-faces

Will try to fit the texture of the current material onto all quad-faces in the selection. The texture should fit once across the face, no tiling.

  • Select a textured material. (Make it the current one in the Paintbucket tool.)
  • Select all the Quad-faces you want to apply the texture to. (Anything else will be ignored.)
  • Plugins > UV Toolkit > Fit Texture to Quad-faces
  • The faces has to have only four corners. (Before 0.2.0b a quad-face could only have four vertices.)
  • Orientation is not uniform.
  • Texture is currently mapped to front faces only.

Rotate QF 90/180/270 Degrees

Rotates the orientation of the textures on the quad-face. Will cause unexpected results if the texture isn't fit to a quad-face.

Frontface to Backface / Backface to Frontface

Transfers the material from one side of the face to the other. UV mapping will be mirrored.