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ExtensionStore    v4.3.1

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Overview of SketchUcation Tools for SketchUp

With SketchUcation Tools you have access to an immense library of SketchUp Extensions and Plugins. In this latest release we have added even more features to make SketchUcation Tools one of the best extensions for SketchUp.

SketchUcation Tools is compatible with SketchUp 8 and above and allows users to install extensions and plugins into SketchUp using the PluginStore. There are over 800 plugins and extensions in the PluginStore that are free to install and use.

What does the ExtensionStore for SketchUp do?

  • Search 800+ plugins and extensions for SketchUp**
  • Find information, report bugs and make feature requests direct to the Author
  • Install plugins or extensions directly into SketchUp using our AutoInstall feature.
  • Install SketchUp plugins or extensions into custom folder locations
  • Donate to the Author of a SketchUp plugin or extension
  • Manage your installed SketchUp plugins and extensions
  • Save enabled/disabled 'Sets' of plugins or extensions
  • Uninstall plugins and extensions
  • AutoInstall a plugin from an 'Archive' (both ZIP and RBZ formats)
  • Toggle the visibility of the SketchUcation Toolbar

What do the Plugin and Extensions Managers for SketchUp do?

With our Plugin and Extensions Managers you are now able to tailor your SketchUp environment as you wish. Define what tools you need on startup or even temporarily load a tool for that particular session.

With your custom loadout defined you can save these for future use as 'Sets'. Having the ability to load plugins and extensions into SketchUp when you need improves your workflow, removes unnecessary items from your workspace and makes managing your plugin and extension setup a simple process.

What is My Setup for?

Our latest additions to the SketchUcation Tools is 'My SetUp'. This new area gives you even more control by tracking your updates, installs and downloads per device.

If you run SketchUp on numerous desktops and laptops then syncing your favourite between these just got a whole lot easier.

  • My Updates lists all the current updates you have for that current device
  • My Installs lists all the plugin and extensions you have installed in that device
  • My Downloads lists your downloads across all devices
  • My Profile shows you your activity in the community and what you are rating

What are Bundles for?

Bundles are you very own way of updating your plugins folder across multiple devices. To find out more about Bundles read our tutorial.

How to install SketchUcation Tools in SketchUp


  • To install SketchUcation Tools in SketchUp go to Window > Preferences and choose Extension > Install Extension...

  • Navigate to the SketchUcationTools.rbz file you downloaded and your done!

How to activate SketchUcation Tools v3.0.1 in SketchUp

  • Activate from toolbar or Plugins > SketchUcation > SketchUcation PluginStore
  • Login to your SketchUcation account with your username and password

How to browse, search and install plugins and extensions in SketchUp using SketchUcation Tools

  • Use menu drop-downs to filter results based on recency, popularity, author name and categories.

  • Use AutoInstall to install the plugin or extension directly into SketchUp
  • Use More Info to find out more about the tool or to report bugs and make feature requests to the Author
  • Use Donate to make a donation via PayPal direct to the Author of the tools


  • Licensing improvements for managing seats
  • UI fixes for tooltips
  • New link pasting (Experimental)


  • Protection against decrypting RBE
  • Adjustment in the binary to manage seat release
  • Refresh of GUI


  • OpenTemplatesFolder menu item re-added


  • Licensing changes
  • Enabled online seat releasing


  • Improvements in plugin loading time


  • Displays more information (version info) in licensing dialog box
  • More robust library loading
  • More informative error messages


  • Fixed backwords compatibility issue with MAC OS Mojave.


  • Fixed an error with UNzip of RBZ in v2017/18.


  • Fixed an installation bug which caused to fail to upgrade some licensing files.


  • Security improvement at SCFLicense v5.2


  • A maintenance upgrade to SCFLicense v5.1


  • Contains SCFLicense v5.0 with several new features
  • Binary update for MAC M1


  • Added Open Template Folders to submenu
  • Fix for Open Plugins Folder on newer Mac devices
  • Small server side tweaks for better device compatibility


  • Fix some compatibility issues with SU 2017 & SU 2018


  • Tweak deprecated URI.open command found in some of the unzipping methods
  • Fix for SCF.loadRBS error


  • New binaries for MAC to avoid the error message ERROR_A0C, for Ruby 20 to 27
  • Technical adjustment for the visual part (size adjustment of dialogs)


Licensing fixes: - Fix for the release of licese on MAC. - Fix for the disappearing Global Status dialog on MAC.


  • "Help" button added to the licensing dialog


Improvements at the licensing part: - Improved method to get the Local Data folder - Measures taken avoid the global status dialog to appear empty.


  • Compatible with v2021 - but no longer suitable for <=v2016
  • SCF License updated.
  • For older RBZs PM us for a link...


  • Fixes to My Shortcuts for MAC
  • Fixes for SCF License Windows version for Chinese Windows


  • SCF License Fixes


  • SCF license fixes


  • Non-ascii support for SketchUp 2014 and above
  • SCF license fixes


  • Bug fixes for SCF License support and ASCII characters


  • Bug fixes for < SketchUp 2016 support


  • Under the hood refinements to introduce Fredo Licensing mechanic.


  • Compatibility with some older SketchUp versions restored.


  • Dialog height is some v2017 installations readdressed.


  • Typo corrected for unzip commands !


  • Fixed long running glitch with some users accented user-names


  • Added height fix for larger monitors and additional popup fix


  • Added fix for dialog issue in SketchUp 2017


  • Added Extension Warehouse signature for SketchUp 2017


  • Bug fix for Additional Folder usage


  • New rating system
  • New My Setup area
  • Bulk Updates


  • Appearance of all main dialogs overhauled and improved.
  • 'My Plugins' option added to 'Plugin Store' dialog's drop-down filter list.
  • 'Sets' introduced in 'Plugins Manager'.
  • 'Sets' introduced in 'Extensions Manager'.
  • 'SketchUcation Archive Installer' [from RBZ and ZIP] added to submenu.
  • 'Plugins Uninstaller' added to submenu.
  • Better checks on ability to write files to the Plugins folder added, and improved related dialogs [if any].
  • Dialog offering choice of Custom-Plugins folders [if any] improved.
  • Compilation of list of potential Custom-Plugins folders improved.
  • Creation of user's Temp folders etc 'future-proofed'.


  • Beta version of 2.0.0


  • 'Plugins Manager' and 'Extensions Manager' dialogs' information display and ease of use improved.


  • 'Plugins Manager' and 'Extensions Manager' added to the toolbar.


  • First release.